Review – Wild Hearts (Bay Hearts Book 1) by Caz May

First thing to say – Read the author trigger warnings at the beginning. She very clearly states that in Australia, the age of consent is sixteen, so anyone saying “eew, they are so young,” well, you’ve been warned. I picked up this book after seeing it on Instagram, and to be honest, I was expectingContinue reading “Review – Wild Hearts (Bay Hearts Book 1) by Caz May”

Review – Life Seed by Albert Nothlit

Just a heads up; this book – WURL – is the first in the Life Seed series, and ends on a cliffhanger, but trust me when I say the next book will be worth the wait. That out of the way, I loved reading this book. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. IContinue reading “Review – Life Seed by Albert Nothlit”

Review – Black and White by Ryan M. S.

Genre: Fantasy and Realism   I’ve read a few books recently where a little nip and tuck would make a much tighter story (and that includes my own work) and this book is another one, BUT I loved the plot, and the lead characters, Daniel Vincent and Kyra, have great chemistry.    It took a whileContinue reading “Review – Black and White by Ryan M. S.”