Review – A Mermaid’s Tears by J.C. Seal – Featured in Children of War

The anthology contains some stunning works from great authors, some writing in the fantasy genres, such as this one, A Mermaid’s Tears, from J.C. Seal. Verena is a teenager who has had much heaped upon her young shoulders, living in times of turmoil, who has to learn combat skills to help protect her people. InContinue reading “Review – A Mermaid’s Tears by J.C. Seal – Featured in Children of War”

Review – Every Shade of Me by Alec John Belle

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to read an ARC of this book, and from the first line, I was hooked.  The writing is wonderful, an easy read but one that deals with tough subjects. I had no idea what an empath was until I read this, but Grayson (the main character) hasContinue reading “Review – Every Shade of Me by Alec John Belle”

Review – It’s A Bear’s Life (That’s No Picnic) by Astrid V.J.

I chose this book because I loved the cover and I love Astrid’s work. I don’t read a lot of fantasy as a rule, but in small doses, I’m all for it. This book is no exception. NB: The story ends at Page 67 and you get a bonus chapter of another fantasy author’s workContinue reading “Review – It’s A Bear’s Life (That’s No Picnic) by Astrid V.J.”

Review – The Gift That Keeps On Taking by B.J. Irons

I picked this up because I really enjoyed Cul-de-Sac, Irons’ first novel about a gay couple moving into a close community and finding out their new friends all have secrets they would rather kept hidden.  This YA romance novel is written from the point of view of Liam, on the cusp of becoming an adult.Continue reading “Review – The Gift That Keeps On Taking by B.J. Irons”

Review – New Beginnings by Janet Olson

This was a strange one, caused in part by the difference in culture between the UK and the US. I can’t imagine any situation where a British family would immediately send a pregnant child to a third world country as a punishment for getting pregnant, AND expect her to give birth where health care isContinue reading “Review – New Beginnings by Janet Olson”

Review – Hidden in Roll: Book 1 by Stephanie B. Whitfield

This isn’t my usual genre, as it’s a YA book about being a teenager and all the awkwardness one feels surrounding boys and Prom and dealing with parents and siblings. I can’t identify with that at all so why did I read it? I was curious. The title is odd, and it has some mysticalContinue reading “Review – Hidden in Roll: Book 1 by Stephanie B. Whitfield”

Sherwood Rogue by Kristi Cramer

Well, what a lot of fun this was. The tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men reimagined, and in a totally different way. The story is told through the eyes of a 21st century American girl living mostly in the wilds of the US to escape her difficult family life. After an ill-advised callContinue reading “Sherwood Rogue by Kristi Cramer”