Stans, ships and Henrik Hanssen fan fics

Hi Everyone! I hope you’ve had a good summer. It’s nearly the time of pumpkin spice and falling leaves, one of my favourite times of year, when the nights are drawing in and the mist hangs over the valley where I live in the Chilterns. It is a magical time of year, with colourful fungi appearingContinue reading “Stans, ships and Henrik Hanssen fan fics”

Dear Holby City writers, I think you got it wrong this time

This post is for Holby City fans, so if you’re not one, look away now.  People who know me also know I have a bit of a thing for Guy Henry (Henrik Hanssen,) so I’ve been watching the budding friendship between him and Roxanna (Hermione Gulliford) with some interest.  First off, I think the writersContinue reading “Dear Holby City writers, I think you got it wrong this time”

Imagining characters, their looks and sexuality

As a reader, picking up a book and falling in love with the characters, what do you see? Chances are, the author and the reader see entirely different things. I am both, an avid reader and a writer. As a novelist, I obviously have a definite idea of what my characters are like. I’ve nurturedContinue reading “Imagining characters, their looks and sexuality”