Review – Tied to Darkness (Book 1: Last Days) by I. Vélez

This was a fun and audacious premise for a story; Mina is our intelligent Latina heroine, reluctantly accepting she is The Chosen One, and this makes her a target for the wrath of Lilith, the Queen of Hell. Mina is forced into marriage with Vergil, Lilith’s youngest son, and all – sorry – hell breaksContinue reading “Review – Tied to Darkness (Book 1: Last Days) by I. Vélez”

Review – The Prime Series by Catrin Russell

I read this series in quick succession and having reviewed each book on Goodreads, thought I would do a general review. This isn’t the complete series as I believe there is one more book to come. A more detailed review of The Power Of Conviction can be found here. NB: The Prime Series contains subjectsContinue reading “Review – The Prime Series by Catrin Russell”