Dysmas – Rebel for Eternity by Felsi Cyanide Sun

I saw this book doing the rounds on Instagram, and just had to give it a go. Dark Romance is an acquired taste and some I love, some I absolutely hate, but this one intrigued me. Translated into English from German (I believe) this novel has a poetic playfulness about it, despite the fact itContinue reading “Dysmas – Rebel for Eternity by Felsi Cyanide Sun”

Review – Precious by Lily Lamb

I’ll say first of all I love this author. They never fail to surprise and have a fearless attitude to some touchy subjects. This time they tackle mental health and the stalker/victim dynamic. It’s bold and shocking with a real impact. The first half of the book, I was conflicted about Scott. His actions wereContinue reading “Review – Precious by Lily Lamb”