Review – A New Family For Christmas by Tirza Schaefer

I wish, I wish, there was a way of bottling Tirza Schaefer’s feel-good, lusciously romantic, spiritual and sexy stories into a a magic tonic. We could take it every time we felt bad, and the world would be a much better place, I swear. You cannot be a cynic if you love Tirza’s books. TheyContinue reading “Review – A New Family For Christmas by Tirza Schaefer”

I Come Bearing Gifts…

Or gift, to be precise. My holiday novella is more about two men trying not to kill each other in the office, whilst having lots of sex, to be honest. And it’s FREE. The only catch? I’d like you to Subscribe to my newsletter! AND there will be other novellas coming down the line, forContinue reading “I Come Bearing Gifts…”

Review – Dollars to Collars by Mx. Alex

This is a super-quick read at 63 pages, which packs a great wallop. Having read Mx. Alex’s books before, I know kind of what to expect, and I also trust they represent BDSM correctly and with intimate knowledge. It’s a safe feeling, knowing you’re reading something that feels authentic. Hats off as well for notContinue reading “Review – Dollars to Collars by Mx. Alex”

Review – The Flower Arrangement (Pursuit of Love) by K.C. Carmine

A lovely, quick to read novella and a timeless love story of man meeting man after a painful break-up. At 111 pages, this is an effortless read and a warming love story about second changes. Brendan and Hugh are a lovely couple who you wish well, and when they finally get together, after a YEARContinue reading “Review – The Flower Arrangement (Pursuit of Love) by K.C. Carmine”

Review – Hood’s Ride is Red by J.P. Jackson

A fun, relatively quick read and a good way to introduce yourself to the work of this brilliant horror/comedy author. It’s a retelling of the familiar fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood, but one you would barely recognise at first. Harkin Ross, known as Hood because of his penchant for wearing “hoodies,” drives a red truckContinue reading “Review – Hood’s Ride is Red by J.P. Jackson”

Review – Lost In The Dark by Leani M Lopez

Despite the “mass extinction lays waste to the world,” set up, this is actually a lovely little novella with all the good juicy tropes; lost in the storm, hurt/comfort, only one bed, only two people left in the world. This is a new-to-me author, and I like her writing already. Ivy is a heroine withContinue reading “Review – Lost In The Dark by Leani M Lopez”

Did you know…??

If you sign up to my Newsletter, which goes out once a month, you can download my novella, My Boyfriend is a Dog for free via Bookfunnel. I put this on here for Halloween but it would help if I actually TOLD people about it, right? Oh, and your privacy will ALWAYS be respected. Anyhoo….Continue reading “Did you know…??”

Review – A Little Slice of Heaven by Tirza Schaefer

I love Tirza’s books because they are like a warm hug on a cold day, the literary equivalent of cashmere in winter, or a summer afternoon in a shady hammock. Nothing really bad ever happens. There are serious issues to be dealt with by some of her characters, but the men are wonderful, supportive andContinue reading “Review – A Little Slice of Heaven by Tirza Schaefer”

Release Blitz/Review -The Case of the Boy In Blue by Amanda Meuwissen

My Review When I was given the opportunity to review this book, I jumped at it. I like my noir fairly short (100,000 words of dark introspection and misery isn’t my thing.) And it was a new genre for me; gay noir romance. Irresistible. And it was fun. Told from the POV of private detective,Continue reading “Release Blitz/Review -The Case of the Boy In Blue by Amanda Meuwissen”

Book Review – Together by Eloreen Moon

Genre: Gay Polyamorous romance, erotica Together is fairly short, being 80 pages long, and has a simple construct. Three men have loved each other since high school. Two of them (El and En) get married and then they realise their lives feel incomplete without Victor.  Victor has loved them both from afar, but has never dared toContinue reading “Book Review – Together by Eloreen Moon”