*** Today Only ***

Okay, I hope you know I don’t slam you with promotions all the time, and only do them when I have Something To Say. Otherwise, the information is all there. If there’s something you want to know, ask me! I’d love to hear from you. That being said…. Today, Sunday 13th November, is a specialContinue reading “*** Today Only ***”

Review – Every Saturday Night by Alexa Land

This was cute, if a bit unbelievable. A young man, Logan, is surprised by his ex-girlfriend turning up on his doorstep. She presents him a baby, Owen, which she says is his, and scarpers before he can really argue. His beautifully diverse housemates take this all in their stride and within a few days, heContinue reading “Review – Every Saturday Night by Alexa Land”

Review – Valencia With Love by B.J. Smyth

Anyone considering this book would be misguided if they dismissed it as “daddy kink.” It’s more about two beautiful souls coming to terms with individual grief and taking the first tentative steps towards finding happiness again. The author has created two utterly believable and lovely characters in Rick and Tommy. Cynics can turn around andContinue reading “Review – Valencia With Love by B.J. Smyth”

Book Release – Ties That Bind by Jayne Lockwood

It’s here! The latest book in the Switchblade Romance series is now on Kindle Unlimited. This book completes the story of badass anti-hero, Richard Mason and his beautiful husband, as they negotiate the fallout from Richard’s gangster past. Trigger warnings for self-harm, drug use and abuse, dubious consent, mental health issues. BLURB “When it comesContinue reading “Book Release – Ties That Bind by Jayne Lockwood”

Review – Dollars to Collars by Mx. Alex

This is a super-quick read at 63 pages, which packs a great wallop. Having read Mx. Alex’s books before, I know kind of what to expect, and I also trust they represent BDSM correctly and with intimate knowledge. It’s a safe feeling, knowing you’re reading something that feels authentic. Hats off as well for notContinue reading “Review – Dollars to Collars by Mx. Alex”

Review – The Flower Arrangement (Pursuit of Love) by K.C. Carmine

A lovely, quick to read novella and a timeless love story of man meeting man after a painful break-up. At 111 pages, this is an effortless read and a warming love story about second changes. Brendan and Hugh are a lovely couple who you wish well, and when they finally get together, after a YEARContinue reading “Review – The Flower Arrangement (Pursuit of Love) by K.C. Carmine”

Review – All The Cuts and Scars We Hide by Garry Michael

This author might just be near the top for my favourite MM romances. This story of two traumitized souls, each bearing the burden of bad memories and flashbacks, is a wonderful tale of healing, self-forgiveness and finding love. It is also a cute love story with lots of wonderful supporting characters, centred around a whale-watchingContinue reading “Review – All The Cuts and Scars We Hide by Garry Michael”

Review – Use As Wallpaper by Glenn Quigley

This is a quick but nuanced and entertaining read, about letting go of the past and moving on, as well as respecting one’s heritage and keeping old traditions alive. Stuart is a lovely guy, a bear-like man with a gentle soul, still unable to replace the last picture of him and his ex, which isContinue reading “Review – Use As Wallpaper by Glenn Quigley”

Review – A Bridge To Forever by N. Dune

Set in the world of the Beyond The Tide series, so there are events mentioned in this book which make more sense in the wider context of the series. However, this reads well as a standalone novel once this is borne in mind. This is a great story of an established couple, yet each isContinue reading “Review – A Bridge To Forever by N. Dune”

Review – For Real by R.A. Frick

Billed as an MM/Mx BDSM romance, this was a fun read, with great characters and a plot which veered from tender to amusing to WTF? Genderqueer Ash’s character was terrific (pronouns they/them.) They were a striking balance to cis het Jeff “Flowers” who was newly out of the military and adjusting to civilian life. “Flowers”Continue reading “Review – For Real by R.A. Frick”