Review – Cursed by J.P. Jackson

I've been looking forward to this, I loved Summoned (see my review here) and this is the next instalment. To be fair, it can be read as a standalone, as the author does a stellar job of explaining what happened in the first book, without info-dumping or forced insertions of prose. So if you haven't... Continue Reading →

Review – Summoned by J.P. Jackson

This brand new release is out today. My review of Summoned by J.P. Jackson is actually live on the WROTE website, together with a fantastic author interview! Links to both items are below. Review of Summoned by J.P. Jackson Episode 316 - We Have To Do This as a Threesome - an interview with J.P.... Continue Reading →

Review – Precious by Lily Lamb

I'll say first of all I love this author. They never fail to surprise and have a fearless attitude to some touchy subjects. This time they tackle mental health and the stalker/victim dynamic. It's bold and shocking with a real impact. The first half of the book, I was conflicted about Scott. His actions were... Continue Reading →

Review of Meat Mallet by Rick R. Reed

Meat Mallet: A Tale of Epicurean Horror by Rick R. ReedMy rating: 5 of 5 starsA short coffee-time read, written with cheeky flair. I can't say a lot more than that, or my review will be longer than the book! But it's definitely worth a read, and is a good introduction into this author's style.Huge... Continue Reading →

Review: Remains by J. Warren

This review first appeared on the WROTE Podcast website. To find out more about what makes him tick, and get links to his work, listen to Episode 121: So That's a Thing!REVIEWTold in the first person, this is a deep, dark and compelling book. Mike Kendall is a troubled man, on meds and having therapy to... Continue Reading →

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