Review – All The Cuts and Scars We Hide by Garry Michael

This author might just be near the top for my favourite MM romances. This story of two traumitized souls, each bearing the burden of bad memories and flashbacks, is a wonderful tale of healing, self-forgiveness and finding love. It is also a cute love story with lots of wonderful supporting characters, centred around a whale-watchingContinue reading “Review – All The Cuts and Scars We Hide by Garry Michael”

Review – Every Shade of Me by Alec John Belle

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to read an ARC of this book, and from the first line, I was hooked.  The writing is wonderful, an easy read but one that deals with tough subjects. I had no idea what an empath was until I read this, but Grayson (the main character) hasContinue reading “Review – Every Shade of Me by Alec John Belle”