Review – The Forest (A tale of old magic) by Julia Blake

A romance to get lost in, as this magical, lusty story weaves from century to century, due to the curse of a spurned and vengeful lover. Wykenwode is village out of time, where through the centuries, generations of friends have had their destinies forced upon them by an ancient curse. The story is told viaContinue reading “Review – The Forest (A tale of old magic) by Julia Blake”

Review – The Princess & the Penis by RJ Silver

First off, I decided to review this because a) a couple of respected reviewer friends had recently reviewed and loved it and b) it was on Kindle Unlimited. I didn’t randomly decide to pick a book with “Penis” in the title and hope for the best. Just wanted to clear that up. Also c) theContinue reading “Review – The Princess & the Penis by RJ Silver”