Closer Than Blood Blog Tour Feb 27 – Mar 4

Closer Than Blood Available world-wide as ebook and paperback.From £2.99Approx 470 pagesForbidden passion, blackmail and murderous intent in the cold, glittering heart of Manhattan.Against his better judgement, slick hitman Frank Mancini falls for the sultry sister of his latest client. He is also hiding a dark secret, but can he get her into bed before... Continue Reading →

Movie Review – Nightbeasts

This honest review is based on a free screener provided by the production company.Okay, so here we have a deadbeat dad, Charles (Zach Galligan) taking his son to the country for a weekend of hunting, only to find that the local Indian reservation has been menaced by a tribe of Sasquatch (Bigfoot to you and... Continue Reading →

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