Review – Feral by Selena Moore

I wanted to give our game heroine a duvet, a donut and a large glass of cranberry juice after this marathon, let me tell you. Either that, or the woman has a magic vagina and super-charged hormones. The spice is OFF THE SCALE, y'all. Off the scale. A supersized bangathon with love and intrigue tenuously... Continue Reading →

Review – Plush by Alexis Rey

Part of the Wonderland Chronicles, this exquisite little novella is an intense read. What I loved about this was that 'Alice' is a professional woman, who has chosen to go to Wonderland at her own volition. She hasn't been coerced in any way. She's there to seek release, adventure and enlightenment, and Sir is ready... Continue Reading →

Review – For Real by R.A. Frick

Billed as an MM/Mx BDSM romance, this was a fun read, with great characters and a plot which veered from tender to amusing to WTF? Genderqueer Ash's character was terrific (pronouns they/them.) They were a striking balance to cis het Jeff "Flowers" who was newly out of the military and adjusting to civilian life. "Flowers"... Continue Reading →

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