Review – Games We Play (One Night series) by Dana Isaly

I’m a bit behind with my reviews, as I’ve been putting the final touches to No Limits before proofreading and publication, so these are a bit shorter than usual. (Probably not a bad thing!) Games We Play was a relatively quick read, but I was impressed by the character development and the hotness of theContinue reading “Review – Games We Play (One Night series) by Dana Isaly”

Review – Rescue by Mx. Alex

Well, this was a fun story, and a strong start to a promising series. There’s science fiction, BDSM elements, hurt/comfort, characters with disabilities and enemies to lovers. There’s a lot going on, but somehow it all merges to bring about a cohesive, enjoyable novel with likeable characters. Thank goodness Kipexo, the alien from the planetContinue reading “Review – Rescue by Mx. Alex”