Diamonds & Pearls

Following on from Christmas Stockings, this is just a fun scenario of Richard and Tino’s Christmas morning. What do you get the man who has everything? This is smutty smut… Tino lay in their wide bed, watching Richard light the wood burner. His man looked adorable in the red tartan lounge pants Tino had chosenContinue reading “Diamonds & Pearls”

Christmas Stockings

The following story contains smut and is suitable for Adults Only. Tino gives Richard not one Christmas stocking, but two… One of two sexy reads for the festive season. This is just a bit of fun for Richard and Tino (and hopefully you as well!) Not a story as such, just a sneaky look at oneContinue reading “Christmas Stockings”

10 minute read – Full Moon To Manhattan (featuring Christopher Walken as Angel Gabriel)

Last year, I took part in WROTE Podcast’s Twelve Days Of Stories, a fantastic audio anthology of terrific authors and past guests of WROTE, who all came together to create a wide variety of short stories, all with a (sort of…) Christmas theme. This was ably voiced by Vance Bastian, whose dulcet tones can be heardContinue reading “10 minute read – Full Moon To Manhattan (featuring Christopher Walken as Angel Gabriel)”