Review – The Apprentice Storyteller by Astrid V.J.

First I need to point out the story is written in the present tense, which doesn’t suit everyone. It took me a little while to adjust to it but once I did, it seemed to suit the fantastical nature of the story very well. The blurb says it all, so I won’t rehash it. ThisContinue reading “Review – The Apprentice Storyteller by Astrid V.J.”

Review – Unholy Warrior by Rebecka Jäger

If I had one word to describe this novel, I think “visceral” suits pretty well. Rebane is a great character, a tough young woman who faces almost impossible odds in escaping the clutches of the psychotic Major Weisser. Set in a sparse, wintry landscape which emphasises the post-apocalyptic world, I’m not kidding when I sayContinue reading “Review – Unholy Warrior by Rebecka Jäger”