Review – Unprotected by Billy Porter

Visibility is hard. Anyone who creates and wants to be noticed by the millions of people on-line day after day can tell you that. We do what we can. Now imagine you’re a young, black gay man in the 1980’s and 90’s who, despite being possessed of an awesome talent, constantly has to fight againstContinue reading “Review – Unprotected by Billy Porter”

Review – Addict by Porsha Deun

Ooh la la! This was a very spicy surprise. From the very first page, you know what Destiny likes. She makes no bones about it. (I can’t say it because this review is going on Amazon and – y’know – censorship… That is how scorching, sizzling hot this is. Destiny is a curvy black womanContinue reading “Review – Addict by Porsha Deun”