I’m now on Wattpad!

Because I’m between manuscripts, and not really ready to get stuck into another big one, I have a little time on my hands to make mischief. This doesn’t mean I’m not writing. Oh no. It just means I can have some fun with some fan fiction.  So I’ve created a Wattpad account, which you canContinue reading “I’m now on Wattpad!”

My muse has many faces. And Guy Henry is one of them.

EDITED on 8/29/19: This is actually hilarious, especially when the part where I have conniptions about writing fan fic, which is all I’ve basically been doing for the last six months…..I’ve just realised something. For the last six months I’ve been in my writer’s cave, working on my latest novel (Euphoria, to be published onContinue reading “My muse has many faces. And Guy Henry is one of them.”