Review – Wild Hearts (Bay Hearts Book 1) by Caz May

First thing to say – Read the author trigger warnings at the beginning. She very clearly states that in Australia, the age of consent is sixteen, so anyone saying “eew, they are so young,” well, you’ve been warned. I picked up this book after seeing it on Instagram, and to be honest, I was expectingContinue reading “Review – Wild Hearts (Bay Hearts Book 1) by Caz May”

Review – Diary of a Shy Backpacker by Bruce Spydar

I must admit, I didn’t read the blurb properly before I launched into this, and as a result, spent the whole book thinking it was a biography. Oops! Anyway, Bruce, our protagonist, exudes British awkwardness as he blunders around Australia, sight-seeing and thinking lascivious thoughts about the ladies he meets along the way. In short,Continue reading “Review – Diary of a Shy Backpacker by Bruce Spydar”