Review – Feral by Selena Moore

I wanted to give our game heroine a duvet, a donut and a large glass of cranberry juice after this marathon, let me tell you. Either that, or the woman has a magic vagina and super-charged hormones. The spice is OFF THE SCALE, y'all. Off the scale. A supersized bangathon with love and intrigue tenuously... Continue Reading →

Review – Valencia With Love by B.J. Smyth

Anyone considering this book would be misguided if they dismissed it as "daddy kink." It's more about two beautiful souls coming to terms with individual grief and taking the first tentative steps towards finding happiness again. The author has created two utterly believable and lovely characters in Rick and Tommy. Cynics can turn around and... Continue Reading →

Review – Precious by Lily Lamb

I'll say first of all I love this author. They never fail to surprise and have a fearless attitude to some touchy subjects. This time they tackle mental health and the stalker/victim dynamic. It's bold and shocking with a real impact. The first half of the book, I was conflicted about Scott. His actions were... Continue Reading →

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