Switchblade Romance series

Each book is a standalone novel, or can be read in order. Read the series on Kindle Unlimited

#1 Going Down

After being stuck in the office elevator with his CEO all night, Tino Santini receives a life-changing offer and runs headlong into trouble. A high-rolling CEO with a dodgy past isn’t what he had in mind for his next true love.

Contains explicit sex and violence.

#2 No Limits

Mobster CEO, Richard Mason, and his PA, Tino Santini, have wed after a whirlwind romance, with tempestuous results. 

Sex games keep their passion burning, yet after a fierce argument leads to a night Richard can’t remember, Tino suspects he is having an affair. In reality, Richard is being blackmailed with compromising evidence, gathered by an old adversary.

Contains violence, graphic scenes and one instance of dub-con sex.

#3 Ties That Bind

Mobster CEO, Richard Mason, is falling apart. Tormented by past traumas and easing his pain with drink and drugs, he is sliding towards rock bottom.

Meanwhile, Tino, Richard’s beautiful, cross-dressing husband, is slowly falling in love with another man. He believes he has a polyamorous solution to ease Richard’s troubled mind and fulfil their desires, IF he can keep Richard under control.

Contains dub-con sex, self-harm and drug use.

If you want to find out about Richard and Pagan’s story, find out here. Closer Than Blood is a standalone dark MF romance with taboo elements.

Forbidden passion, blackmail and murderous intent in the cold, glittering heart of Manhattan. 

Pagan Freemantle has spent half her life keeping her wayward brother out of trouble. After learning of his latest crazy scheme, she’s prepared to go to extreme lengths if it means no one gets killed. 

Frank Mancini is the hitman hired to do the job but he makes the fatal mistake of falling in love with Pagan. Their brief, hot affair has repercussions which will change both their lives forever.

Richard Mason, the elusive millionaire businessman, watches them all from a distance and waits for his chance to wreak havoc, but he is gripped by an obsession so powerful it could destroy everything he has worked for.

A tale of forbidden passion, blackmail and spilled blood, set against the glittering backdrop of corporate Manhattan. 

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