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Heels For The Holidays is a scorching short story which is, as one reviewer said, “a sweet MM romance, hot, romantic, sexy, almost like a fairy tale.” Find out more below!

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I hungrily accepted his lips, carelessly pushing aside the connotations of my boss kissing me with the passion of a lover.

Set in the Going Down and Switchblade Romance universe, this sizzling story give Tino the chance to kiss and tell on his ferocious boss. After accepting the position as Richard’s PA, it isn’t long before Tino learns how to bring his difficult boss to his knees, using a cocktail of high heels and a No Fucks Given attitude.

At first, their professional relationship includes no-commitment sex on the side, but life has a way of complicating things. In the run-up to the office Christmas Party, all it will take is champagne and a glimpse of stocking before lust ignites, lighting up the Manhattan skyline.

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