Lexington Black

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“When Rob lost control the first time, spread out on my bed and writhing in the throes of ecstasy, I knew I would do anything to see him again.”

Rob Martyn

A sexually confused Englishman with his marriage and career in the toilet, Rob is a disappointment to his snobbish family. One seductive test-drive later, and Rob is propelled into a world of glamour, drag queens and hot sex with wealthy New York businessman, Lexington Black.  

Lexington Black

I guess I should file seducing Rob under another of ‘Lexington’s Bad Ideas.’ Cynics say love doesn’t hit like a lightning bolt, but they’re wrong. The only problem is, I’ve lied through my teeth to get Rob into bed. I’m not talking about a white lie, but one the size of the Empire State Building.  When he finds out, we’ll both be in heartbreak city. Alone.

Drag queens, a Bridezilla and an English wedding gone wrong provide a backdrop to this gay awakening, sexy romance!

Exclusive Excerpt

Rob went back down to his apartment and downloaded the photographs he had taken, sending most of them to Geri. As he was contemplating what to do with his evening, his doorbell rang.

He felt a leap of anticipation. Maybe Lex had returned already? Not from Miami, although he wasn’t sure how long it took to get there. Maybe he didn’t go after all. He opened the door.

“Surprise!” Caressa crowed. Behind her, two equally colorful characters cooed and waved at him. “Lex called me, darling. He told me I had to look after you. So come on.” Caressa briskly clapped her hands before chivvying him out the door. “And you’re not going to fall asleep. He does that,” she said to her friends. “He’s a regular sleeping beauty.”

“Aw, poor boy.” A pneumatic blond with fake Dolly Parton breasts snuggled against him and kissed his cheek. “Hello sweetheart. I’m Suki Sukonit.”

“Of course you are,” Rob murmured. He looked at them, all taller than he was due to their towering heels, and with enough make-up on to smother the planet. “So what’s the plan?”

Caressa looked critically at him. “Well, we were thinking of going clubbing later, but we’re certainly not taking you looking like that.”

Rob looked down at his cargo shorts and old Motorhead tee-shirt. “What’s wrong with it?”

Caressa turned to her companions. “I told you we’d have a challenge, didn’t I? Ruby, it’s time for you to work your magic, hunty.” She swept down the hallway before Rob could ask what he meant.

Half an hour later, he was lying on a couch, cringing as Ruby waxed the sparse hairs from his balls. They were being avidly watched by the gaggle of drag queens.

“Is this really necessary?”

“Totally necessary, darling. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.” Caressa held court from a nearby stool. She sat cross-legged, idling filing her nails. “This is Ruby’s kingdom.” She motioned around the salon. Outside the warm, perfumed room they were crowded into, people sat in chairs being tended to by fast-working hairdressers. There was an air of vibrant, colorful chaos, accompanied by thumping bass. Ruby presided over her employees with a silk-clad iron fist. 

“Don’t worry, darling. I’ve been doing this for twenty years,” Ruby cooed. “Twenty years of ball sacs and hairy cracks, and I still haven’t seen light at the end of the tunnel.”

They all snickered but Rob could not summons more than a weak grin.

“That’s a comfort I guess.” The last word was said on a yelp as Ruby ripped the final wax strip from the tender area between balls and hole.

“Ooh, so sensitive,” she purred. “Lucky boy.”

“You get used to it,” Caressa said blithely. “Lex likes his men clean-shaven, collar and cuffs.”

“Did he put you all up to this?”

“Oh no, he likes you as you are. That’s how we know it’s love, don’t we, girls?”

There was a collective “mmm hmm.”

“And you know this, how?” Rob tried to look at Caressa but was pushed firmly back on the couch. 

“Lex and I are old friends. He knows I like hairy bears, which is the only reason I’ve been allowed to take you out tonight. He knows I won’t have any designs on your handsome body.”

“Relax, sweetheart. We’re all size queens. That means we like guys a lot bigger than you are, in all aspects. No offence meant.” Ruby patted his thigh. “Time to turn over. This is the important bit.”

“Uh, why?” Rob hazarded a look over his shoulder and was turned firmly to the front again.

“Aw, bless. He has such a lot to learn,” Suki purred, stroking Rob’s bottom. “Just see us as your handmaidens, honey. Preparing you for your handsome prince.”

At that moment, Ruby’s PA came rushing in, carrying several expensive shopping bags. Everyone pounced on them like greedy children at Christmas.

“Great job, honey,” Caressa said approvingly as Rob buried his face in the couch so they couldn’t see his grimace of embarrassment. Ruby spread his butt cheeks and began to wax his crack.

“I’d recommend waxing regularly,” she said, “Shaving is such a bore if you have to do it yourself.” She massaged soothing cream on his tender places. “There you go, smooth as a baby.”

By this time, Caressa had opened a bottle of champagne and they were all having a party round him. Someone had brought in chips and dip, olives and breadsticks. Rob draped over the couch, butt naked, being fed cashew nuts. It was the strangest evening he had experienced, probably ever.

“Do you fancy a piercing? I do everywhere apart from cock and labia,” Ruby said brightly.

Rob eyed her warily. “No thanks.” 

“Pity. Diamond studs in your ears would look fantastic with your dark hair. Which brings me to …” she glanced slyly towards the door.

“Hair is a must, and eyebrows,” Caressa said. “That’s practically a monobrow you’re cultivating there.”

“A monobrow? Seriously?” Rob looked in the mirror and conceded she might have a point. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” He accused her.

“Totally.” Caressa simpered. “Besides, if you want to be seen with us, honey, you need to know how to look decent, and that goes for tomorrow as well.”

Coming from someone with lip-liner three shades darker than her lipstick, a skin-tight red velour dress and porno Perspex shoes, that was a bit rich. 

“Ooh, where are you two off to?”

“Coney Island, girls. We’re hitting the rollercoasters.”

“Scary.” Collective shudders around the room.

“I went to Six Flags once and damned near peed my pants,” Ruby said.

“And that was on the spinning teacups,” Suki snickered. 

Ruby handed Rob a long white robe and told him to put it on. “Be a good boy and do as Mommy says, and you can have your presents.”

“What presents?” He glanced at the bags the PA had brought in earlier. Surely they hadn’t bought him clothes as well?

Caressa ogled him as he stood up. In fact, they all did. Under their appreciative gaze, his cock stirred. Face it, you’re loving this, he thought to himself. In the mirror, he saw what Ruby had done. With the hair gone, it looked pretty damned sexy. He hadn’t realized his balls were that well-defined. Or his cock was that big. Fuck, if he looked any more, he would give himself a hard-on. 

“It looks great,” he said honestly, slipping the robe on. The queens high-fived each other, arguably having even more fun than he was.

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