My 10 Favourite Books of 2021

I haven’t had a lot of time for reading this year, but I did manage quite a few, and here are my favourites of the year. I’ve discovered some new authors and some are ones I’m familiar with. I hope you enjoy my choices. Stay safe and sane over the holiday period. I wish youContinue reading “My 10 Favourite Books of 2021”

Review – Hush (Tainted Love series) by R&C Christiansen

It’s a bold move, to write three books in a series which are essentially the same story but told by the main characters in their own words in each book. E.L. James did it (not very well, in my humble opinion,) but this… THIS is totally a different level. By the end of Book 2,Continue reading “Review – Hush (Tainted Love series) by R&C Christiansen”

Review – The Night of Many Endings by Melissa Payne

This novel is as satisfying as a book to read by the fire on a winter’s night can get, with a rich cast of characters and a plot which keeps you turning the pages when you should probably be doing other things (like I did.) I could imagine this as a play; five disparate charactersContinue reading “Review – The Night of Many Endings by Melissa Payne”

Review – Life Seed by Albert Nothlit

Just a heads up; this book – WURL – is the first in the Life Seed series, and ends on a cliffhanger, but trust me when I say the next book will be worth the wait. That out of the way, I loved reading this book. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. IContinue reading “Review – Life Seed by Albert Nothlit”

Review – Weight of the World by Benjamin Lund

I’ll start by saying this isn’t a romance, and if you read it thinking that is what you’re getting, you’re in for a shock. It. Is. Not. A. Romance. To say any more would need a spoiler warning. It is what the author describes as ‘family friendly’ so no raunchy stuff, but there are otherContinue reading “Review – Weight of the World by Benjamin Lund”

Review – Room 452 by T.L. Quinn

I’m lucky to still have an e-reader, as I’ve been tempted to hurl it against the wall more than once this week. Room 452 is the best of the ‘arrogant alpha hole’ books I’ve read this week. Yes, he smirks, but not as much as the others. I’ll forgive him for that. This book wasn’tContinue reading “Review – Room 452 by T.L. Quinn”

Review – Games We Play (One Night series) by Dana Isaly

I’m a bit behind with my reviews, as I’ve been putting the final touches to No Limits before proofreading and publication, so these are a bit shorter than usual. (Probably not a bad thing!) Games We Play was a relatively quick read, but I was impressed by the character development and the hotness of theContinue reading “Review – Games We Play (One Night series) by Dana Isaly”

Review – The Perfect Move by Alisa H. Klinger

This was a fun read, a page-turner with a lot of subplots to unpick and a sweet-natured heroine who seemed to talk non-stop. Hope is engaging and likeable, a stay-at-home mom with her baby boy, who befriends Nathan, a Holocaust survivor, when she moves into the exclusive Gold Coast Estates. Soon she is loved byContinue reading “Review – The Perfect Move by Alisa H. Klinger”

Review – Just the Tip (Volume 1) by Evie E. Melville

I’m so torn about this. I’m not usually one to bitch about the value of books. Buyer Beware and all that, but I feel compelled to say something on this occasion. The story itself was great, a sexy, kinky short with good characters and steamy scenes. It was a quick read, including an intense knottingContinue reading “Review – Just the Tip (Volume 1) by Evie E. Melville”

Review – Tied to Darkness (Book 1: Last Days) by I. Vélez

This was a fun and audacious premise for a story; Mina is our intelligent Latina heroine, reluctantly accepting she is The Chosen One, and this makes her a target for the wrath of Lilith, the Queen of Hell. Mina is forced into marriage with Vergil, Lilith’s youngest son, and all – sorry – hell breaksContinue reading “Review – Tied to Darkness (Book 1: Last Days) by I. Vélez”