Book Review – Pirate Master by Jules Radcliffe

Genre: MM Romance Adventure ★★★★★ Well, I can honestly say my timbers were well and truly shivered by the end of this raunchy, tender, exciting instalment of the Pirates of Port Royal series. The series has recently been re-worked, and this third story in the series is now a standalone novel. I hadn't heard of this series, but I was lured... Continue Reading →

Book Review – A Queen’s Pride by N.D. Jones

Genre: Shifter, Adventure, Horror ★★★★★ A Queen's Pride is the first book in the Feline Nation series. This was another of those books I picked up purely because of the beautiful cover. Also, I love cats, especially big cats, so the lure was irresistible.  There's always a risk with that strategy, but it paid off. A Queen's Pride is an... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Together by Eloreen Moon

Genre: Gay Polyamorous romance, erotica ★★★★ Together is fairly short, being 80 pages long, and has a simple construct. Three men have loved each other since high school. Two of them (El and En) get married and then they realise their lives feel incomplete without Victor.  Victor has loved them both from afar, but has never dared... Continue Reading →

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