Review – A New Family For Christmas by Tirza Schaefer

I wish, I wish, there was a way of bottling Tirza Schaefer’s feel-good, lusciously romantic, spiritual and sexy stories into a a magic tonic. We could take it every time we felt bad, and the world would be a much better place, I swear. You cannot be a cynic if you love Tirza’s books. TheyContinue reading “Review – A New Family For Christmas by Tirza Schaefer”

Review – Soulmates by B.J. Smyth

This is the first of my 2023 reviews, and it has started with a bang. Lots of banging, actually, as David and Bradley are a very lusty pair. This review is for the complete series, which is available as one book. I’ll be absolutely honest, it was a fun read, but after Valencia With Love,Continue reading “Review – Soulmates by B.J. Smyth”

Review – Take Me Home by Hudson Lin

This short story (17 pages) is part of the Coffee House Shorts series of sweet MM romances. I chose it because of the cover, which shows two lovely elder gentlemen, and I was intrigued by the story line. Romances involving senior characters are hard to find! Take Me Home is a lovely, cosy read withContinue reading “Review – Take Me Home by Hudson Lin”

Review – The Great Santa Showdown by Glenn Quigley

This short story (48 pages) was a cute, funny tale of the search for a new Santa in the cosy village of Yuleboro. Competition is fierce, with the two main competitors battling it out with plenty of ho ho ho-ing and jingling of bells. Gregory and John with their gentle rivalry and growing affection forContinue reading “Review – The Great Santa Showdown by Glenn Quigley”

Review – Let Your Hearts Be Light by Fae Quin

This unabashed MM romance is delightful, and sparkles off the page. It has everything a non-cynical, Christmas-loving, egg-nog glugging, cashmere scarf wearing, relentlessly cheerful, saying Happy Christmas to everybody, Fair Isle sock rocking, winter bunny could ever want. It has a cute dog. It has a cheerful brother with A CHRISTMAS TREE FARM. It hasContinue reading “Review – Let Your Hearts Be Light by Fae Quin”

Review – Nervous Kid by Colin Dereham

Part of the Bondi Bears series, this is a standalone novel of extremely high quality. Yes, there is a LOT of sex, but to counteract it, there is a searing story of half-brothers finding love, acceptance and learning to accept their chaotic childhoods. All through this book I was waiting for the crunch, the oneContinue reading “Review – Nervous Kid by Colin Dereham”

Review – The Bratva’s Bastards by R & C Christiansen

This queen of dark romance is a go-to for me, as her women are strong, her men captivating and her plots are as twisted as hell. And I’m here for it, all the way. At first, Klara Cohen doesn’t seem strong at all. She is confined to a wheelchair with a rare condition, Malignant Catatonia,Continue reading “Review – The Bratva’s Bastards by R & C Christiansen”

Review – Plush by Alexis Rey

Part of the Wonderland Chronicles, this exquisite little novella is an intense read. What I loved about this was that ‘Alice’ is a professional woman, who has chosen to go to Wonderland at her own volition. She hasn’t been coerced in any way. She’s there to seek release, adventure and enlightenment, and Sir is readyContinue reading “Review – Plush by Alexis Rey”

Review – Every Saturday Night by Alexa Land

This was cute, if a bit unbelievable. A young man, Logan, is surprised by his ex-girlfriend turning up on his doorstep. She presents him a baby, Owen, which she says is his, and scarpers before he can really argue. His beautifully diverse housemates take this all in their stride and within a few days, heContinue reading “Review – Every Saturday Night by Alexa Land”

Review – Valencia With Love by B.J. Smyth

Anyone considering this book would be misguided if they dismissed it as “daddy kink.” It’s more about two beautiful souls coming to terms with individual grief and taking the first tentative steps towards finding happiness again. The author has created two utterly believable and lovely characters in Rick and Tommy. Cynics can turn around andContinue reading “Review – Valencia With Love by B.J. Smyth”