New Release Blitz – Spotlight on Love by Kristian Parker

Lots of goodies in this post, including an excerpt, a chance to win a whopping $50 book token and a chance to discover another author. My review of this tender short story is below. Spotlight on Love by Kristian Parker Book 3 in the Speak Its Name series – Add to Goodreads: BookContinue reading “New Release Blitz – Spotlight on Love by Kristian Parker”

Review – Every Shade of Me by Alec John Belle

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to read an ARC of this book, and from the first line, I was hooked.  The writing is wonderful, an easy read but one that deals with tough subjects. I had no idea what an empath was until I read this, but Grayson (the main character) hasContinue reading “Review – Every Shade of Me by Alec John Belle”

Dysmas – Rebel for Eternity by Felsi Cyanide Sun

I saw this book doing the rounds on Instagram, and just had to give it a go. Dark Romance is an acquired taste and some I love, some I absolutely hate, but this one intrigued me. Translated into English from German (I believe) this novel has a poetic playfulness about it, despite the fact itContinue reading “Dysmas – Rebel for Eternity by Felsi Cyanide Sun”

Review – A Bridge To Forever by N. Dune

Set in the world of the Beyond The Tide series, so there are events mentioned in this book which make more sense in the wider context of the series. However, this reads well as a standalone novel once this is borne in mind. This is a great story of an established couple, yet each isContinue reading “Review – A Bridge To Forever by N. Dune”

Review – It’s A Bear’s Life (That’s No Picnic) by Astrid V.J.

I chose this book because I loved the cover and I love Astrid’s work. I don’t read a lot of fantasy as a rule, but in small doses, I’m all for it. This book is no exception. NB: The story ends at Page 67 and you get a bonus chapter of another fantasy author’s workContinue reading “Review – It’s A Bear’s Life (That’s No Picnic) by Astrid V.J.”

Review – For Real by R.A. Frick

Billed as an MM/Mx BDSM romance, this was a fun read, with great characters and a plot which veered from tender to amusing to WTF? Genderqueer Ash’s character was terrific (pronouns they/them.) They were a striking balance to cis het Jeff “Flowers” who was newly out of the military and adjusting to civilian life. “Flowers”Continue reading “Review – For Real by R.A. Frick”

Lexington Black is on Kindle Unlimited!

Just sneaking in to tell you … see above! Just thought I’d try it for a couple of months (and I’m really hoping for some reviews!) If you’re a KU customer, this is your chance to grab a copy. Blurb below. That’s it… I’ll sneak away now… BLURB “When Rob lost control the first time,Continue reading “Lexington Black is on Kindle Unlimited!”

Review – Muscles & Monsters (#1 Leviathan Fitness series) by Ashley Bennett

Okay, bear with me on this. I’ll read anything as long as it’s fun, not too heavy and romance orientated (so please don’t bombard me with high concept science fiction and non-fiction, okay?) If it’s steamy, so much the better. And this is a VERY steamy, yet sweet-natured monster fic, with curvy girl Tegan (gottaContinue reading “Review – Muscles & Monsters (#1 Leviathan Fitness series) by Ashley Bennett”

Review – Gideon’s Wish by Bryan T. Clark

What an absolutely delightful story this was. Gideon and Isaiah are an engaging, likeable couple taking the first tenuous steps towards love after they discover a mutual attraction. Isaiah’s meddling yet endearing mother is the instigator, and after that it’s a slow burn story which explodes into a sexy romance. There are some heavy hittingContinue reading “Review – Gideon’s Wish by Bryan T. Clark”

Review – Rosie Loves Jack by Mel Darbon

You would need a hard heart not to love this book, or to empathise with Rosie, the determined young woman who just wants to see the boy her parents want to protect her from. It’s a familiar story, but what makes it different is that Rosie has Downs Syndrome, and Jack has a brain injuryContinue reading “Review – Rosie Loves Jack by Mel Darbon”