Book News (oh, and authors are human too…

Okay, so that’s obvious, especially to my subscribers, who are all wonderful people, but I’m laying this down to smooth the way for this announcement.

Going Down has been withdrawn from sale – temporarily – until some issues have been resolved. The book will return, sleeker and more badass, in a few weeks time.

When writers embark on a series, which they write over a number of years, it is inevitable that their writing grows, matures, and improves as the series continues. A couple of reviewers’ remarks prompted me to look at the book again, and I could see straight away where I needed to finesse my writing. So now I’m working with an editor, the awesome Dana’s Edits, to sharpen up the story and bring it in line with the other books in the series, No Limits and Ties That Bind.

Most authors have weaknesses which they have to work on; plot holes, character development, consistency, timelines or sex scenes, for example. My weakness has always been consistency and timelines, so I’m working hard on ensuring everything adds up and flows more smoothly.

In the end, I care about you, the reader, and I don’t want to disappoint you, but I’m human, and I make mistakes, so I try to rectify them, especially if you’re paying your hard-earned cash!

Finally, I’m truly grateful if you’ve taken a chance on my book, over millions of others. That’s a miracle. For me it’s like winning the Lottery, having someone, possibly from the other side of the world, choose MY book. So am I going to ensure the book is as good as it can be? You betcha!

I promise Richard and Tino will be back in Going Down as soon as possible, sleeker, badass and ready to slay in a few weeks. In the meantime, Ties That Bind and No Limits are still killing it on Amazon as ebook and paperback and on KU too. Each is a standalone story in the Switchblade Romance series. 

Thank you so much for your patience. As soon as Going Down is live again, I will let you know!

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