A Valentine’s Surprise

Happy Valentine’s Month! This sizzling one-shot features Richard and Tino, my main characters from Going Down and No Limits. Be Warned: It contains adult themes, BDSM and graphic sexual scenes.

If you are easily offended by these, please don’t read! For everyone else, I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s scenario.

Tino stretched, yawned, and rolled over to fondle his sleeping husband. It was Valentine’s Day morning and he had the whole day planned, from a romantic breakfast to a drive though the wilds of the New Jersey forests to lunch in a restaurant he had found, overlooking the countryside back towards Manhattan. 

He planned to seduce his husband with good food and wine, then take him back to their house in Califon for some BDSM fun. They hadn’t had a play session for a while and he knew Richard wouldn’t say no. 

He flexed his fingers and prepared to walk them up Richard’s snoozing body, but something was wrong. His eyes opened as he felt around to find cool sheets. Richard was no longer there. 

He sat up and listened, sure he was in the bathroom. When he couldn’t hear a sound, he swung his legs out of bed and padded to the kitchen area, where his phone was on the countertop. A text had come in ten minutes earlier.

Needed at office. Sorry x

Tino wasn’t dismayed by the brusqueness of the message. That was just Richard’s way. His dyslexia meant he didn’t use extra words if they weren’t necessary, but he was upset at the meaning. Richard had known he would be planning something, as he had been instructed to take the day off. He had checked to make sure he had no meetings that day even though he had also coupled his agreement with mutterings about the whole Valentines rigmarole being stupid and unnecessary.

“If you need a special day to tell someone you love them, you either don’t do it enough and you’re feeling guilty, or you don’t have any balls,” he had said. 

At the time, Tino had just dismissed his grumblings but now it seemed Richard really wasn’t bothered. Maybe he was even trying to make a point. 

To be fair, he hadn’t known Tino had planned something because it was supposed to be a surprise, but surely he should have guessed? 

Suppressing his impatience, Tino rang Richard’s number. 

“Hey, what’s up?” It was a softer greeting than Richard’s usual abrupt office tone. 

“Um… just wondering if you’re planning to be there all day?”

“Possibly. I don’t know how long this investors meets will last. You okay?” 

“Yeah, sure.” Tino forced a laugh. “I’m off to Tony’s to see if they need a hand.” Tony was Tino’s brother, who ran a motor repair shop in Brooklyn. Tino didn’t really want to spend Valentine’s Day with his brother, but he wanted to hear Richard’s reaction. 

“Good idea. I’ll call you later. Love you.”

“Sure.” Tino cut the connection before he said something he would later regret. Richard would know immediately something was up anyway. He waited for a moment, almost expecting him to call back. 

He didn’t. After five minutes, Tino gave up, feeling deflated. He decided he would go to Tony’s, because otherwise he’d just glom around the apartment, eating junk food and getting more and more pissed about the ruination of his carefully planned day. 

It was a bright, cold February day, and driving out of the city made Tino feel a bit better. He sang to Celeste’s Stop This Flame, drank a takeout coffee, and felt determined to enjoy the free day he had been given. By the time he reached his brother’s garage, he was feeling almost cheerful again.

It lasted until he walked into Tony’s office and saw the huge bunch of red roses sitting by the desk. 

“Hey bro. I thought you’d be with your man today,” Tony said, hugging him. 

Tino let out a sigh. “He’s working today. I thought I’d help out if you needed it.”

“Huh, that’s too bad. As you’re here, I can deliver these myself.” His brother grinned sheepishly, grabbing the bouquet. “It’s gotta be done, right? I guess you got something really special.”

“Not yet, but it’s still early.” Tino smiled bravely and pulled out the filing tray, which was overflowing. After Tony left, he settled down to tidy up the chaos. 

Downstairs, he could hear the guys joshing each other about the cards they had received, and halfway through the morning, another large bunch of roses was delivered. Sam, one of the young mechanics, blushed as he brought them into the office. 

“Do you mind looking after these? Someone gave them to me.”

Tino forced a smile. “Nice! You know who?”

The blush deepened. “Yeah. I think I’ll have a boyfriend by the end of the day.” 

“Way to go, Sam!” They exchanged a high-five and the young man disappeared. 

Tino propped the flowers in the corner and scowled at them.

“You see, Richard? It isn’t that difficult,” he growled. 

Then he looked at them again. They had given him an idea. 

It was a very bad idea. 

Fuck it, he thought, taking out his phone. 

Richard presided over the meeting, listening to the Human Resources Director droning on, when his phone vibrated in his jacket pocket. He took it out and glanced down, then did a double-take. Tino had sent a picture of a bouquet of roses, and a close-up of an accompanying note. 

Richard struggled to make out the words, but the font was curly and it didn’t make a lot of sense. 

“Richard? Is everything okay?” 

He looked up. The directors were watching him. 

“Uh, I need to take this. Continue without me.” He strode out of the room and went back to his office. 

Marsha, his PA, was at her desk. He thrust the phone at her. “Read this for me?”

She took the phone and balanced her glasses on her nose. 

“It’s from Mr. Tino and it says, ’I wish you were my Valentine. I’m the man for you.’ Aw, that’s so sweet …” She stopped. 

“What else does it say?”

She looked sternly at him, her expressive dark eyes peering over the tops of her glasses. “It says, ‘someone cares, even if you don’t.” Her lips compressed as she handed the phone back to him. “You could have asked me if you were out of time. I would have seen you right,” she said in a familiar exasperated tone. 

“I don’t believe in any of that,” he muttered. “It’s all a marketing ploy.”

“Of course it is.” Her dark face showed extreme disapproval as he strode into his office and slammed the door.

He threw his phone on the couch and for a while he paced, hands laced behind his head, his jaw clenched. 

Okay, calm down. Don’t call him. Don’t call him. Don’t….

If he called Tino right then it might result in a row, and neither of them wanted that. 

In the end, he picked up the phone again and pressed a number. 

“I thought you’d both be somewhere luxurious, eating strawberries and champagne,” Pagan said. “Why the hell are you calling me on this day of all days?”

He could hear music faintly in the background. She was probably moving around the kitchen, preparing a romantic supper for Marcus when he arrived home. His hand tightened on the phone, thinking of what a fortunate bastard Marcus was. 

“Someone sent Tino roses, and it wasn’t me.” He told her about Tino’s text, and his barbed comment at the end of it. 

“Why didn’t you?”

He wasn’t expecting that. “Well… it’s artificially generated corporate crap, isn’t it? The whole thing is a scam.” 

“Oh god.” He could almost hear her eyes rolling. “So you fucked up and he’s pissed about it. And you’ve rung me to tell you your actions, or lack of them, are justified.” 

“Aren’t they?”

“NO, RICHARD! Oh, god, you really fucked up, didn’t you?”

“I wouldn’t say…”

“Shut up and listen. Marcus sent me two dozen white roses, a card, and chocolates. Albert’s looking after Gino and in two hours we’re flying to Rome for a romantic weekend. He organised that by himself, and I only found out this morning. And he didn’t ask his PA to do it.”

“I hate him,” Richard grumbled. 

“The point is, you have all the money in the world, yet you don’t buy your husband – who has just taken you back after you received a blowjob from someone else – a single rose. That makes you an asshole, Richard. You’re going to have to come up with something pretty damned special to make up for it. And I mean sooooo expensive, your balls will squeak. Do I make myself clear?”

“As crystal,” Richard said tightly, trying not to grind his jaw. He knew she was right, but he hated hearing it. 

“And you have to do that. Not your PA. You.”

“Aren’t you forgetting the bastard who sent him the flowers?”

“Forget about him. He’s irrelevant. What you do now means everything.” She took a deep breath. “Good luck,” she said, and cut the call. 

Richard chewed his lip, thinking. In the end, he went back out to see Marsha. 

“How soon can I get twenty-four red roses?”

Marsha tried not to smile. “Leave it with me.”

Half-an-hour later, he called Tino. 

“Where are you?” 

“Still at Tony’s. I’m filing. It’s fun.” His voice was stony.

Oh boy, he was mad. Richard could feel his animosity radiating down the line. 

“So I have a rival, huh?”

“Seems so.”

“Well, he can fuck right off, because I’m coming to claim my man. Right goddamned now.” He cut the call before Tino could argue about it.

Tino froze on his seat, clutching his phone. Richard was mad as hell about that text. If he found out Tino had played him, he’d be madder still. He snatched up the roses and the note and hid them in the tiny kitchen, the stems in cool water. 

I’m coming to claim my man. 

He figured it would take Richard at least an hour to get there, as the traffic was hideous on a Friday. Even so, he felt a little trembly inside, not from fear, but with anticipation. He loved rousing that possessive side of his husband, even though it was dangerous game to play. 

He went to the bathroom and checked his reflection, then reapplied his make-up. After some foundation, eyeliner and nude kiss-proof lipstick, his face looked flawless. It took a while and as he was finishing up, he heard a strange sound coming from outside. 

He looked out the window but couldn’t see anything. Then Sam rushed in. 

“Someone’s just landed on next door’s roof in a helicopter!”

A few moments later, Richard walked into the office. He wore a black three-piece suit and carried a huge bunch of red roses. 

Tino stood behind the desk, affecting a sassy pose. “You’ve talked to Pagan, haven’t you?”

“Unless your next words are, ‘I’ll get my coat,’ I don’t want to hear them. Get over here and kiss me.”

“Come and get me.”

Richard smiled evilly and grabbed him, pulling him over the desk and into his arms. 

Below them, a broad Brooklyn voice shouted, “hey, who’s the asshole parked a bird on my fuckin’ roof?”

They were flown to the hotel Tino had previously chosen, in the wilds of New Jersey. The view from their table was perfect, the skyline of Manhattan almost lost in the mist in the distance. Tino watched Richard cut decisively into his steak and wondered what he was thinking. 

“I hope you didn’t feel obliged to do this. That meeting wasn’t important, was it?”

Richard waggled his fork at him. “Don’t you dare. I’d rather be here than anywhere else. This is perfect.” He ate the morsal of steak and groaned with pleasure. “You think I’d choose a board meeting over this? You’re kidding, right?”

“But you did, until you saw you had competition,” Tino said, his voice teasing.

Richard cut another piece of steak. “If I’m honest, I couldn’t think of an adequate gift for you. Nothing seemed right. Tomorrow you can choose whatever you want.”

“No,” Tino said firmly. “It isn’t about that. Diamonds and roses and all those things are lovely but what really matters to me is us. As long as we’re together, I don’t need anything else.”

Richard sat back in his seat. “So no diamonds. Then why were you upset?”

Tino sighed. “Because I planned this, and you agreed to take the day off but then the office seemed more important. And…” He threw his hands in the air. “I don’t know. I was disappointed, I guess. But I’m not now. I’m very happy now.”

“Good. So we might as well stay here then. At least until Sunday evening.” 

Tino stared at him in disbelief. “I thought you needed to get back?”

“Are you kidding? When the alternative is spending a weekend with you? I’m looking forward to drinking bourbon by the fire in the Windsock…”

“We’re going to Provincetown?” Tino’s jaw dropped and Richard looked smug. 

“We’re staying in that cute hotel we like and we’re seeing Joe and Mike on Sunday for lunch. Before then, my ass is yours, and you can punish me mercilessly for my transgressions. Work can go do one until Monday.” Richard took Tino’s hand and kissed it. “It will do us good to decompress. If it’s raining we can spend some time in the gym, have massages and fun in the hot tub. Sounds good, right?”

“Sounds like heaven, but won’t you be bored? You’re like a caged animal at the best of times.”

“Then you’ll have to find a way of taming me. I know you’re capable of it.” Another warm kiss on the palm of Tino’s hand. “No arguments.  I’ve taken the liberty of arranging it already.  The only thing you need to do is answer one simple question.” 

Tino smiled back at him. “Oh? What’s that?”

“The guy who sent you the roses, is it anyone we know?”

Tino bit his lip, feeling instantly guilty. “Um, no…. I have no idea who it could be.”

“Obviously it’s someone who isn’t afraid of upsetting me. And we both know the amount of people in that category is precisely zero.” Richard’s pale blue eyes bore into Tino’s brown ones.

Tino squirmed in his seat and looked away. “Apart from me,” he murmured.

“Yeah, but even you wouldn’t send flowers to yourself to make me feel bad. Would you?”

“No!” Tino knew his protests sounded weak. Richard was still watching him, smirking slightly. “Fine! They weren’t for me. They were delivered for Sam, one of the mechanics. I was pissed at you so I pretended they had been sent to me.”

Richard’s smile widened. “You played me.”

Tino sat up straighter and scowled back at him. “Damned right I did, but if you think that’s the end of your punishment, you are so, so wrong.”

Richard picked up Tino’s hand again and uncurled his fingers, kissing his soft palm. “Have I really been that bad? Bad enough to warrant time in the dungeon?”

“Shocking.” Tino’s voice trembled at the feel of Richard’s lips against his skin. “You won’t be able to walk by the time I’ve finished with you.”

Richard kissed him again. “We’ll see.”

The dungeon was situated in the basement of the hotel and was kitted out for any kink the guests might want to explore. Richard had booked it for Saturday night, but apart from that, he left it to Tino to decide exactly how the evening would pan out. 

He was hard and aching after at least twenty-four hours of denial. His punishment had begun the moment they arrived at the hotel the evening before, when he wanted to go up to their room and indulge in some afternoon delight. 

It had happened, up to a point, but then Tino had refused to go any further, his seductive taunting leaving Richard with blue balls and sense of growing frustration. 

Shopping in Provincetown hadn’t helped. Tino had tried on tight-fitting jeans and killer heels, teasing him by bending over in front of him, asking, “does my ass look big in this?” By the time Saturday evening came, Richard was practically salivating with sexual longing.  

“I’m not wearing that,” he said, when Tino produced the spiked dog collar and lead. His protests had been futile. 

First they went to a leather bar, Tino leading the way in a skin-tight wet-look latex catsuit he had bought that day. The height of his heels meant he could almost look Richard in the eye, and he carried a bullwhip, which he used to prod Richard whenever he tried to fondle Tino’s luscious backside. 

 He had instructed Richard to wear a silk white shirt and black dress pants, the shirt open to reveal the collar, and the hair on his chest. He was also hard, thanks to the cock ring Tino had put on him, his erection pulsing every time Tino brushed his hand against it. And he was drunk, because of the shots Tino had forced down his throat every ten minutes for the last hour. 

It was humiliating, and Richard loved every minute of it.

In the bar, the drinks were free flowing, the air heavy with sex and fresh male sweat. 

“You’re allowed one more,” Tino said, when Richard motioned to the bartender. 

“Whatever.” Richard made his voice sulky, so Tino would react with displeasure. The handle of the whip jammed into the crease of his buttocks, making him groan. 

“Insubordination isn’t tolerated,” Tino hissed at him. He poured three shots of JB Black. “For that, you drink them all. I want you irresponsible.” He watched as Richard tossed each shot down his throat. “Good. Now come with me.”

He led him to the side of a low stage and pushed him into a chair, shoving yet another drink in his hand. “Drink.”

Richard looked dazedly at the stage, where a pole dancer was doing a routine. The music throbbed, and the dancer’s strong thighs reminded him of the time he watched Tino doing a similar thing. His cock went solid, the pumping of blood enhanced by the cock ring. He wanted Tino’s hot lips to enclose him, to feel the wet, tight pressure of his throat massaging his whole length. The thought of it made him whimper, his eyes fixed on the dancer above him. 

The music changed and the dancer vanished. The lights dimmed further and he was aware of someone else standing on the stage above him. The tip of a bullwhip tickled his face and he looked up into the eyes of his husband. 

Mesmerized, he watched as Tino went through his routine, throwing shapes that seemed to defy physics and gravity. Richard watched helplessly, aware he was sitting there with a massive fucking hard-on, surrounded by people who vaguely knew them. Humiliation didn’t cover it, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Tino, who was as masterful on the pole as he was off it. 

Cheers and whistles surrounded him, but he could only stare dully as Tino danced solely for him, knowing what his movements were doing to Richard’s mind and body. 

God, he was beautiful, the way he caressed that pole as if it were Richard’s cock he was dancing on, the impossible splits he did in that tight catsuit that clung to his body. Richard’s breathing was coming thick and fast. He could imagine sitting there and spurting in his pants just from watching Tino perform, but the cock ring was preventing him from losing control. 

The song ended, and Tino stood imperiously on the stage, glaring down at him with smoky eyes. Richard hardly knew what he was doing as he slid off the chair and crawled to the stage, reaching for Tino’s ankle, and bowing before him in supplication. Someone laughed. Others cheered. His humiliation was complete but he craved the kiss of the whip and the cruel kick to his chest, landing him on his back on the floor. 

He was helped to his feet and Tino put the dog lead back on his collar. 

“Time for your real punishment,” Tino whispered, and together they stumbled out to the car.

Richard was glad to be cuffed to the cross because he didn’t think he was capable of standing up. In the mirror opposite, he could see himself, naked apart from his briefs, distorted by his painfully erect cock. His body gleamed with sweat in the warm room. 

His nipples ached with the clamps Tino had put on them, gradually settling to a warm numbness that would explode into white heat once they were removed. His briefs were tucked under his buttocks at the back, pulling them painfully tight over his straining cock. He was sure his ass was on fire.

“Count, and remember to say, ‘thank you, sir,'” Tino said sternly. “Ten more to go. If you forget, I’ll make it twenty.”

“Yes, sir.” Richard wondered why he put up with this shit, but one look at Tino made him remember. His husband was damned good, and after the pain would come the ecstasy.


“Twenty. Thank you, sir,” Richard said through gritted teeth. He had to concentrate, as Tino always kept his word.

Nine blows later, and his ass was throbbing, but it was a sensual, cradling heat that made his whole body glow. Tino stood facing him, stroking the paddle down Richard’s face.

“Very good. I think you deserve a treat.” He produced Richard’s switchblade, the infamous Black Widow, and clicked it open. Richard held his breath. He knew how damned sharp that blade was, and one slip…

Tino kneeled before him, and with the blade, removed Richard’s briefs, giving his cock scant relief from entrapment. Richard glanced down and wished he hadn’t. Tino looked sexy as fuck as he licked his full lips in appreciation of Richard’s considerable assets. When warm, wet heat slithered up his shaft, Richard let out a loud groan, his body jolting towards the seductive sensation. Tino drew away and lightly slapped his balls. 

“Keep still. I won’t warn you again.”

Richard couldn’t help it. his hips pushed forward as Tino’s tongue fluttered over the head of his cock, forcing it down Tino’s throat. He received a harder slap and Tino stood up. 

“That’s it. You know what’s coming next.” He retrieved a dildo and showed it to him. It was long and thick, modelled on Richard’s own cock. Now Tino slathered lube onto it with obvious relish. 

“Oh, Jesus, don’t…” It was pointless pleading. As Tino worked the dildo into him, he reluctantly opened up to receive it. The sensation burned but it wasn’t intolerable, as it wasn’t in all the way. 

Tino went to the front of him and reached underneath Richard’s balls to grasp the end of the dildo, pushing it gently. At the same time, his lips eased over the swollen head of Richard’s cock and took him so slowly, Richard jerked involuntarily, forcing himself deeper. 

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” he gasped, horrified at the thought of Tino moving away and subjecting him to more torment. 

But instead his husband lavished attention on Richard’s cock, tightening his mouth muscles around it. Bedazzled by the sensation, Richard relaxed his muscles, letting more of the thick dildo into his ass.

“Oh – oh god…” His groan was low, more a grunt than words, his hips canting forwards. His body was out of his control, each movement impaling him or sinking him deeper into Tino’s hot mouth. As much as he wanted release, he couldn’t because of that damned cock ring, keeping him hard and poised on the edge. Tino’s fingers flicked a switch on the toy, making it swell and throb inside him. 

All the sweet sensations were driving Richard towards insanity. First his nipples, as Tino removed the clamps, letting the blood rush back into the sensitive tips, soothed by Tino’s hot tongue. That alone would have been enough to make him lose control, had he been able to. But then his cock was engulfed in Tino’s mouth, leaving him breathless.

He barely felt Tino remove the ring from his cock, but then the orgasm hit and he was flying, his cries desperate as he hit peak after peak. His voice faded as he floated into sub-space, shooting load after load, his legs trembling with the effort of staying upright. He felt Tino expertly milking him whilst using the dildo to brutally fuck him. As Richard was still coming, Tino unfastened his wrists, allowing him to fall to the floor.

He rolled onto his back and Tino straddled him, dropping to his knees. Kneeling over Richard, he finished himself off, pumping his cock until his load spurted on Richard’s chest, throat, and lips. At the same time, his other hand grasped Richard’s throat, making him gasp for breath.

“Eat it, bitch.” Tino smeared his come over Richard’s face, slipping his fingers into his mouth so he could greedily suck them clean. Finally, he leaned down and kissed him hard, their tongues thrusting as they tasted each other.

He finally collapsed on top of Richard so they could both catch their breath. They rested for a few moments, then Richard felt Tino’s lips brush tenderly against his. He opened his eyes to see Tino grinning down at him. 

“I need you up on the bed.”

Richard’s body felt leaden, drugged with sex. He knew he would pay his exertions the next day, but he didn’t care.

“Give me a minute. I… can’t … walk,” he ground out.  

Tino’s grin widened. “Just like I warned you. Happy Valentine’s, darling. I think we’re even now.”

After a moment, Richard crawled on all-fours to the large four-poster bed and sprawled out, groaning loudly. 

“Stop being so dramatic.” Tino slipped under the duvet. “Come on, you’ll get cold.” 

It took a few more moments of moaning before Richard was curled up next to him, already half-asleep. 

“Just remind me to ignore Valentine’s Day next year, so you can punish me again,” he said drowsily. 

Tino kissed between his husband’s shoulder blades and smiled. “I doubt you’ll be able to wait that long.” 

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