Review – The Thousand Year Divide by Catrin Russell (The Light of Darkness #6)

Every so often a series comes along which is so good, you are left without words. Still, I will try, as this series deserves all the words I can give to it.

When I began with Power of Conviction (see my review here,) I said it was a great start to a promising series. This book is a wonderful conclusion. This review is really for people who have read this series, as you wouldn’t start with this book. It isn’t standalone. By now you will be invested in these characters. You’ll love some and loathe others. There will be blossoming romances and voyages of self-discovery, panther shifters and noble quests. There is so much, I can’t possibly list it all.

The characters.

I loved Adena’s story arc. The High Priestess, so devoted to a man who turned out to have betrayed her and her people, has found it hard to forgive herself and make amends. She has always assumed love would pass her by, but this fierce woman is given a surprisingly tender story to finish with. I absolutely adored its sweetness, passion and funny moments.

Lee, Samael’s protege, also has anxieties of his own, regarding his sexuality and how his guardians would feel about him being gay. This was handled wonderfully, in a way that many in the same situation would wish for. Lee’s romance with Benjamin is lovely, romantic rather than heated, and felt really authentic.

Lilith and Kaedin are one of my favourite couples. The frosty demon and the stubborn knight obviously adore each other, but their conversations and Lilith’s awkwardness at showing her softer side had me laughing. Will Kaedin get his Happy Ever After? There are trials to get through first, including a first-hand encounter with a lethal enemy. This mid-life couple have been great to observe throughout the series.

Vixen and Edric – another strong couple, though Edric’s traumatic childhood has left him emotionally scarred. Finding his mother is a driving force in his life, but when he does find her, will she be all he needs her to be? Vixen is the warrior woman who doesn’t let motherhood get in the way of a good fight.

Nia and Gus – the mercenary and the prostitute, now a couple putting their past behind them. Gus still has to prove his loyalty but Nia’s is never in doubt as she is sent to scout for information at the King’s Palace. Her story, of racial abuse and sexual violence, is countered by her love for Gus, the grizzled ex-mercenary who adores her equally in return.

And Anaya and Samael, the Prime and his Priestess, are wonderful leaders, parents, mentors and protectors. Never is their love for each other in doubt as they risk everything to save their kingdom from falling into the hands of a greedy, power-hungry man. Their story arc has been wonderful from day one, with Samael reluctantly acknowledging his soft side. They are truly #relationshipgoals.

The Plot

Too much to list here. You need to read it for yourself. Imagine if you will, brave knights, women who don’t need to be warriors in order to be leaders, brave knights, fierce panthers, a Kingdom in crisis, a weak king who doesn’t know who he can trust. Mix it with some lush romance, spicy sex and a great story, and you have something pretty special.

There are lots of fight scenes and bawdy goings-ons as the demons, panthers and humans hunt down the rogue priests and the person behind the distribution of a lethal powder. Lots of swordplay, blood being spilled and plots being thickened but in the end, each subplot, each character and each loose end is gradually tied and concluded, until it forms an unbreakable web, further strengthening a series which started off strongly to begin with.

The result is a satisfying conclusion to a wonderful series. You will feel the emotion and passion, as well as grief for a series finally concluded. A fabulous body of work.


A king betrayed. A deadly powder in the hands of a merciless enemy. A ruthless mercenary Queen with an agenda of her own and an army ready to march upon the Midlands.

Alongside the Priesthood, demons are a formidable force. Still, not everyone wants to be affiliated with the terrifying creatures of Darkness. The allied tribes might be the final affront, sparking a war in the Midlands. Yet, demon tribes do not even offer mercy to each other.

The Obsidian Trials provide a unique opportunity for Anaya to earn the support of the Panther Tribe, but not all demons are willing to align their fate with a human priestess… unless she can prove she’s worthy of their trust.

The stakes are higher than ever. Anaya and Samael must stand strong, bring the Trials to a successful end, and prove themselves to the Demonic Council. All the while, they cling to a frail hope that their efforts have not been in vain.

With time fading and treachery lurking at every corner, prophecies unravel, and the lines between enemy and ally blur as never before. Priesthood, demons, and humans alike must trust one another or they will fail. Centuries of prejudice and strife are not so easy to set aside.

In a time when the Light needs the Darkness like never before, can humans and demons bridge the divide between them?

The sixth and final book of the Light of Darkness series.

The Light of Darkness series is intended for a mature audience, containing sensitive subjects including violence, torture, consequences of sexual abuse, emotional scars, mature language, and steamy scenes.

The Light of Darkness delivers an epic fantasy tale dripping with dark undertones and romance. 

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