Diamonds & Pearls

Following on from Christmas Stockings, this is just a fun scenario of Richard and Tino’s Christmas morning. What do you get the man who has everything? This is smutty smut…

Tino lay in their wide bed, watching Richard light the wood burner. His man looked adorable in the red tartan lounge pants Tino had chosen for him to wear on Christmas morning, even though they came half way up his long shins and slung low on his lean hips. It was glorious just to ogle him whilst basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

“You’re checking out my ass again,” Richard said, not turning around. He padded barefoot to the kitchen counter and began making the coffee. 

“Yep. It’s a fine ass, too.” Rolling over onto his front, Tino eyed up the well-developed glutes and the hollows around the small of Richard’s back. His man was a lot taller and more well-built than Tino, but his bone structure and musculature were things of beauty. 

And he fucked like a demon, as Tino’s own ass could testify. He felt a deep internal ache from the pounding he had been given and it felt sweet. So sweet, in fact, that he felt himself getting hard just at the thought of Richard doing it all over again. 

The aroma of rich coffee grounds and wood smoke permeated the apartment. Outside, dawn was breaking over New York City, casting the buildings with an attractive pink glow. Once again, Tino thanked whatever gods had given him this man, this place, this warmth and love. He was a lucky man. They both were. 

“What time are we due at the centre?” Richard asked. He drank water from the fridge as he waited for the coffee to percolate. 

“I said we’d get there ten-ish. You’re on potato-peeling duty. I’m doing the stuffing.” 

Richard raised one dark brow at the double entendre. “That makes a change.”

They would be spending their Christmas Day at the Jerry Ford Shelter, getting their hands dirty, working hard. It had been a mutual decision. Lounging around on sheepskin rugs was a privilege, and neither of them forgot it. 

Richard poured coffee into Tino’s mug, added a generous amount of cream and took it over to him. He settled back on the mattress with his own coffee and they enjoyed a brief moment of peace.

“You want to exchange presents now or later?” Richard asked eventually. 

Tino thought for a moment, drinking the rich, fragrant brew. “Yours is in the tree.” 

It was endearing, how fast Richard scrambled like a kid off the bed and ran to the Christmas tree. He looked through the branches and drew out a gold envelope. 

“You mean this?”

“Yep. I hope you like it.” Tino felt his heartbeat elevate in anticipation.

Richard picked up a gift bag and brought both items over to the bed. He presented the bag to Tino. 

“This is yours.”

“It isn’t from Tiffany’s, is it?” Tino teased as he took it from him.

“No, you cheeky fucker.” Richard nudged him playfully. 

The Tiffany’s thing was a joke between them. When Tino first became Richard’s PA, he had been informed he would have to go to Tiffany’s to choose gifts for Richard’s sexual conquests. Tino had first thought it was just a rumour, before realising it was a running joke in the office, based on actual fact. Richard had been more aware of it than anyone realised, and Tino had warned him never to buy him anything from there. 

“If you do, I know we’re over,” he had said, and Richard knew he hadn’t been joking.

“You go first,” Richard said, motioning to the gift bag. Whatever was inside was obviously expensive, judging by the exquisite wrapping.

Tino smiled and unfastened the bow. He drew out a long, slim present, expertly wrapped in black and gold paper, embellished with another gold bow. 

“I’m guessing you didn’t wrap this,” he said. 

“I watched. Get on with it.” Richard looked almost nervous. “I hope you like it.”

“I hope you like yours,” Tino countered.

“I will. Just open the thing.” Richard gestured impatiently. Hell, he really was nervous. Tino wondered why, as he was the easiest person in the world to buy for. Or he assumed he was.

He unwrapped the gift with the care such beautiful wrapping deserved. The embossed paper looked almost too good to tear. Inside was a presentation box. As he opened it, he gasped, his eyes lighting up, reflecting the fire in the stones nestled amongst the black velvet.

“That was exactly the reaction I wanted,” Richard said, visibly relaxing. “I had it commissioned for you.”

“You actually designed this?” Tino ran his fingers over the collar necklace, made up of princess-cut diamonds and white gold, each facet sparkling in the lights of the Christmas tree. At its centre was a larger diamond which hung in a droplet from the main body of the collar, designed to rest in the hollow of one’s throat.

“I said what I wanted and they designed it. Do you like it?” 

“Oh baby, I love it!.” Tino carefully removed the choker and put it around his neck, lowering his head so Richard could help him. Then he ran to the mirror, admiring his reflection. The diamonds sparkled with an inner fire. He hated to think how much it had cost. 

“It’s beautiful,” he said, his eyes filled with tears. “Thank you.” He crawled back on the bed and kissed Richard’s lips. “You’re so good to me.”

“You look as sexy as hell in it.” Richard’s voice was rough with desire. 

Tino smiled. “I feel it, and it’s perfect for another reason too. Why don’t you open your present? Then you’ll see what I mean.”

“This?” Richard waggled the envelope. He reached into the nightstand on his side of the bed and retrieved his Black Widow switchblade, carefully slitting the envelope open. Tino let out a breath as he reached inside to reveal a gold-edged invitation. The font was large and black so he could read it, but even then, Tino could see him struggling. He moved round to help him out. 

“Basically, you’re invited to take part in a photoshoot with Anya Korvosky. And don’t worry, it isn’t for anyone else to see apart from us. The theme is boudoir.”

Anya Korvosky was one of New York’s most acclaimed portrait photographers. Her work was legendary, but Tino could see Richard was unsure. He hated being in front of the camera. 

“Boudoir?” Richard raised one dark eyebrow.

“You don’t need to be in front of the lens at all, if you don’t want to be. You can watch while I am. Then you can have all the gorgeous, sexy photos you desire to look at when you’re away, instead of nagging me for dick pics all the time.” 

“Which you’ve never sent,” Richard grumbled.

“No. That isn’t my bag and you know it. But this is. That way I know I’ll look the best I can possibly look for you. This is for both of us, if I’m honest.”

Richard began to smile. He was getting it. “You mean, it’s for our eyes only?”

“Well, you can share them on Instagram if you like, but you might get banned, and I was aiming for tasteful rather than balls-to-the-wall erotic. We’ll have the whole afternoon though, so who knows what might happen?” Tino brushed the diamonds around his neck with his fingertips. “And now I have the perfect outfit. I don’t need to wear anything else…” His words were stifled by Richard’s kiss. 

“You’re a genius. I love it. When can we do it?” 

It was touching, how eager he was. Tino grinned against his lips. “Early in the New Year. She has some time then. Now I know you’re down for it, I’ll confirm it.” He kissed his husband again, this time pressing his whole body against him. He pushed him back amongst the covers and straddled him, settling comfortably on his groin. Immediately, he felt an answering pulse. 

“What are you doing to me?” Richard let Tino pin his wrists to the bed, either side of his head. 

“Saying thank you.” Tino leaned down to kiss him again, undulating against him. Richard was rock solid underneath him, throbbing hard, his cock imprinting against Tino’s balls. 

“I’ll tell you how you can thank me,” Richard said, when Tino stopped kissing him in order to breathe. “I’ve given you diamonds, so you can give me pearls. Edible ones.” 

Tino slapped his chest, a look of mock horror on his face. “Oh my god, you are so sleazy!”

“What? I’m only telling you what I like.” Richard sounded hurt.

Tino leaned down to kiss the wounded expression away from his face. “I love it.” He nibbled Richard’s lower lip and squirmed against the erection pushing against his backside. “And I love you, Mr. Sleaze.” He reached for the lube in the bedside drawer. 

He stayed on top of Richard, his eyes never leaving his face as he applied the lube and eased his husband’s thick cock inside him. Richard’s eyelids drooped as he felt Tino’s hot tightness. His body tensed and the mass seemed to become even bigger. Tino carefully sat up and adjusted his position so Richard was fully inside him, then squeezed his inner muscles. 

“Fuck me.” Richard’s eyes rolled in pleasure. 

“Is that a request or an expression of joy?” Tino did it again, teasing him mercilessly.

“Both.” It came out as a grunt. He freed his hands from Tino’s and ran them up Tino’s legs to hold on to his hips, at the same time pushing decisively up into him.

It was Tino’s turn to gasp. They had recently tuned into a more tantric way of lovemaking and this slow, elegant fucking drove them to new heights of pleasure. He squeezed lube on his hands and stroked himself, shuddering every time his fingers passed that exquisite spot just underneath the glans. 

“I’ve never seen you look so beautiful,” Richard said, his pale blue eyes flashing with hungry fire. 

“It’s the diamonds.” Tino touched the collar around his neck, his voice catching as Richard’s cock pulsed inside him. 

“No. It’s you,” Richard replied, his voice rough with lust and emotion. “Do me, Tino. Just fucking wreck me. Please…” His words dried up and his expression glazed. He was close to losing it and Tino knew he wasn’t the only one. 

Tantric, be damned, he thought, jacking himself faster. Richard’s expression was greedy as he visually feasted on the sight of Tino pleasuring himself.

“Oh!” Tino couldn’t hold on. He spurted with a series of hot little moans, his eyes closed, his hand milking himself dry. The pearly droplets landed on Richard’s face and throat, exactly where he wanted them to be. As he was still peaking, Richard grasped his hips and thrust hard into him, pounding Tino’s trembling body until he came with a harsh cry. 

Tino held on, undulating against him, wringing him dry. At the same time, he wiped his own release off Richard’s chin and fed it to him, feeling the sweet pull of his lips on his fingers. He did it until he was mostly clean, smiling at his husband relishing the taste of him. 

“Hmmmm.” Richard closed his eyes and sucked his fingers clean. “Did you ever eat condensed milk direct from the tin? That is what you taste like. I can’t get enough.” He opened his eyes again as Tino laughed. 

“I was never allowed to. My mama would have knocked me to heaven and back.”

Richard smiled smugly. “I was a spoilt kid.”

Tino kissed his nose. “I would never have guessed.” He eased away from him and lay in Richard’s arms, the afterglow surrounding them both with warmth and love. 

So this photoshoot,” Richard said after a while. “How am I going to manage to keep my shit together if I’m watching you pose and pout, wearing nothing but diamonds?”

“Exercise your famous restraint. And Anya said we could have the studio room for the afternoon, if things get a little heated.”

“She’s anticipating they might?”

“Oh yeah.” Tino smiled into Richard’s broad chest. “And I’d be disappointed if they didn’t.”

“Holy shit,” Richard murmured. “Next year’s looking up already.”

I’ll be sharing Photoshoot on New Years Day!

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