A new release and a Black Friday event

Two things worth mentioning before I get back to reviewing books. First. I have a new book out! No Limits is the explosive sequel to Going Down, a dark, sexy M/M romance with a pansexual book boyfriend to die for. (I mean this. People do tend to die when he’s around.) The two books are part of the Closer Than Blood series, but can be read as standalone novels. Blurb and links are below.


After a whirlwind romance, Tino Santini has married multi-millionaire CEO, Richard Mason. For a while, it seems they are a match made in heaven, but when Richard’s gangster past catches up with him their happiness is put under extreme pressure. An entanglement with a sultry femme fatale can only add to their problems.

When they are invited to England to spend time with Richard’s son, his ex, Pagan, and Marcus, her new husband, a whole host of sensual experiences awaits them. That is, until an old enemy shows up and threatens everyone Richard cares about. With Tino and Marcus in extreme peril, Richard has to team up with Pagan to get their men back to safety.

Be prepared for murder, blackmail and lots and lots of sex…

ALSO, you can grab two of my M/M books, Going Down and Lexington Black, for 99c each as part of the Bookfunnel Black Friday Event. So if you haven’t read a Lady Jaguar book yet, here is your chance to check out my style! There are lots of other great authors to check out at the same time – and plenty of torsos on display…..

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