Trick & Treat (a Richard and Tino one shot)

A free sexy (and a little bit daft) read for Halloween! I did a selection of one shots from Tino and Richard’s lives, split into two parts, Before and After their love began. Some are chapters deleted from the main book, and some are just fun scenarios from their day to day lives. These are eventually going to be put into a book (Diamonds & Pearls.)

The following story contains smut and is definitely Adults Only. And it’s probably NSFW as well….

It’s just before Halloween, Richard about to leave for a business trip and Tino really not looking forward to going to the Masked Ball he is obliged to attend. The last thing he needs is a handsy Phantom getting in his business. And what will Richard say when he finds out? There may be trouble ahead….

‘You should go. You know I don’t mind.’ 

Richard was packing to go to South Africa for an emergency troubleshooting trip. One of Wolfen’s distributors, based in Ladysmith, was having problems. He usually had people to deal with issues but he wanted to be on hand to make sure it was dealt with properly. 

‘I’d rather come with you, if I’m honest,’ Tino sighed. ‘I know it isn’t practical but …’ He looked at the invitation again. A Masked Ball on Halloween was just the kind of event he loved, but only if he was with Richard. It wouldn’t be the same without him. 

Richard came to place his hands on Tino’s shoulders. ‘You’re going,’ he said firmly. ‘You’re going to have fun, get drunk, kiss someone you shouldn’t and spend the next day in bed, nursing a hangover. I will be back as soon as I can.’ 

‘I don’t want to kiss anyone else.’ Tino gently dug him in the ribs. 

‘I’m just giving you permission to play tonsil hockey with a masked stranger, as long as you don’t go home with him. Because…’ Richard kissed him deeply, making his knees weak and his cock twitch in response. ‘… you belong to me. You’re mine. And I’m yours.’

‘I don’t want to kiss anyone else,’ Tino repeated, equally firmly. ‘I’ll go to the ball if it means you’re not worrying about me sobbing into a gin alone on Halloween, or I could go to mom and dad’s and do Trick or Treating with the girls.’

Richard raised an eyebrow. ‘You’re going to the ball if I have to order Kim to drag you there.’

Tino laughed at the thought of their fierce housekeeper using his formidable strength to sling him over his shoulder. For a small man, he had the strength of twenty. ‘Okay! I give in. Why is it so important to you?’

‘Roger and Dan are old friends. I promised at least one of us would go. And your outfit is just dynamite. I want you to send me some photos so I know what I’m missing,’ Richard said as he kissed Tino goodbye. ‘I need something to help me sleep when it’s 30 degrees.’ 


Two nights later, Tino prepared for the party, which was to be held in a rundown theatre. The old building had been bought by a friend of theirs, who was in the middle of renovating it to turn it into a nightclub. This party was by invitation only, to raise funds to complete the works. 

Tino adjusted his black eyepatch with irridescent sequins and black peacock feathers and checked himself in his compact mirror. A pale face with exaggerated cheekbones and ruby red lips stared back at him. He had gone for glam zombie pirate, with a white frilled blouse, artfully torn, and a tiny leather skirt to show off cuffed thigh high red leather boots. Okay, it wasn’t really glam zombie pirate, but he felt good. His heels were high enough to look the part without stopping him from dancing, and made his legs look endless. 

As he expected, Richard rang as he was getting ready. Tino could see him in his shirt-sleeves, standing on a wooden veranda. It was nighttime and crickets chirped in the background. Tino missed him with a physical ache and they had only been apart less than three days.

‘You look gorgeous,’ Richard said, eyeing him lustfully. ‘What are you wearing under that skirt?’

Tino’s eyes widened in mock horror. ‘Oh, I forgot!’ Propping his phone in a spot where Richard could see him, he went over to a drawer and pulled out a white Addicted thong. With his back to Richard, he eased up the tiny leather skirt to show his naked butt cheeks, put on the thong and tucked himself neatly into it, then lowered his skirt again so he was decent. He knew Richard would appreciate that little show.

When he picked up the phone again, Richard’s high cheekbones looked a little pink. ‘Thanks for giving me a boner in the middle of the hotel bar,’ he muttered.

‘Oh, like that’s never happened before,’ Tino scoffed.

‘You look very sexy,’ Richard purred. ‘You’ll have to wear that outfit for me when I get back.’

‘That’s a promise.’ Tino seductively licked his lips.

‘Stop it. I need to get some work done.’ He picked up a glass with some pale brown liquid in it and drank from it. ‘Or get obliterated on Amarula. This stuff is the business. Call me later when you’re in bed, yeah? I don’t care how late it is.’

‘Are you sure? You look exhausted.’ Tino knew he was working too hard, even when he had a drink in his hand.

‘I’m sure. Go to your party, Cinderella. And don’t forget to kiss a stranger. You can tell me how that went later.’

‘I’m not kissing anyone, you dope.’ Tino blew him a kiss and they ended the call.


The atmosphere was spooky and loaded with sexual promise. Handsome vampires, sultry witches and gruesome monsters danced, drank and laughed, all trying to guess each other’s identities behind their elaborate masks. 

The old building provided a perfect backdrop, being cavernous and surrounded with swathes of dark velvet. The sunken dance floor was surrounded by a platform holding tables and booths, the bar to one side. Above, the rebuilt gantries looked sinister, great towers of steel soaring into the roof. Below them, masked partygoers danced to goth Eighties and Nineties music and drank Halloween-themed cocktails.

Tino gave up counting how many cocktails he had consumed. He laughed, danced and was having a good time. After a while he was feeling decidedly tipsy and thought it might be best to switch to water.

As he made his way to the bar, he became aware of a tall man in a Phantom of the Opera mask and red silk lined cloak, cruising around. More than once, he caught Tino’s eye and smiled slightly. The mask covered most of his face, giving him a sinister appearance. He didn’t dance but prowled around the perimeter of the dance floor. Whenever Tino looked up, he seemed to be there, watching him. 

A man dressed as a green goblin grabbed Tino’s hand and pulled him out onto the floor. The track was Club Tropicana by Wham! Not exactly Halloween, but infectious to dance to. The floor filled quickly.

‘Can you salsa?’ 

‘Damned right.’ Tino didn’t try to disguise his male voice. The man grinned delightedly. 

‘Awesome!’ As they began to dance. Mr. Phantom leaned nonchalantly against the bar, drinking champagne and watching them.. 

Goblin man knew how to move, so Tino gave him two more dances before breaking away to rehydrate. As he drank his water, he became aware of someone next to him. It didn’t surprise him to see Phantom staring down at him. Close up, his jaw was dusted with stubble and his lips were sensual. His dark hair had a hint of grey. He reminded Tino a little of Richard but it was dark and he was drunk, missing his husband. He knew it was his mind playing tricks.

Phantom smelled delicious. Tino was a sucker for a man who smelled good. It was unfamiliar, woodsy, a little musky. He couldn’t help moving a little closer to breathe him in. No harm in a sneaky sniff, after all.

Bonsoir. Vous dansez très bien.’

Tino side-eyed him. ‘I’m sorry, I don’t speak French.’

‘I apologise. I said, you dance very well, madam.’ His accent was adorably redolent of Paris. 

Tino side-eyed him. ‘I’m a guy, but thanks.’ 

The Frenchman shrugged. ‘No matter. I like everything.’

‘Oh. Cool.’ Tino sipped his water, unsure how else to respond. Fortunately at that moment, one of the hosts found him.

‘Tino? I’m so glad you’re here!’ Roger air-kissed him extravagantly on both cheeks. ‘And Erik, you rogue!’ More air kisses and the Erik the Phantom wandered off. For a while Tino and Roger talked about the building and how brilliant the party was. 

‘I’m so sorry Richard couldn’t be here,’ Roger said, as he pressed another “bloody” strawberry margarita into Tino’s hand.

‘Who is that guy?’ Tino asked, pointing towards Erik’s lean back as he talked to a lanky raven.

‘Hmm, not sure. He’s a bit of a mystery but seems perfectly harmless. I need to mingle!’ Roger breezed off in a swirl of silver feathers before Tino could ask any more questions. 

As soon as he had gone, Erik sidled back to Tino. He had obviously been listening to their conversation.

‘Who is Richard?’ It came out as ‘Reechard,’ in his thick accent. 

‘My husband.’ Tino had to raise his voice above the music. ‘Richard Mason, the CEO of Wolfen Enterprises.’ 

‘A powerful man, eh?’

Tino nodded. ‘And very jealous.’ 

‘So why is he not here, keeping an eye on you?’

‘Because he trusts me.’ Tino smiled sweetly up at him.

As the music changed, Erik took Tino’s hand. 

‘Tango with me?’ The track was Come As You Are, by Nirvana.

‘Not sure this is tango music….’ It was too late. Tino was in Erik’s arms before he could protest further. ‘Oh…’ as he was pulled close against his body, and, ‘I haven’t..,’ as he was dipped low to the ground. Strangely, it turned out Nirvana could be tango music. Who knew?

‘Ah, you feel delicious in my arms,’ Erik purred. ‘Ma petit colombe, my little dove.’

‘That’s… nice.’ Tino was whirled around and pulled up tight against him again. The man’s groin was very close to his stomach and his cock felt huge. There was no doubt he was handsome but forward didn’t even begin to cover it. As he was spun again, he saw Roger smiling. He held up his iPhone. 

‘No, don’t film us!’ 

The tango was a very sexy dance, and with no other choice, Tino thought he might as well show Erik he knew what he was doing. Their bodies pressed together as they commanded the dance floor, Tino giving fierce defiance as his suitor attempted to seduce him standing up. When the track ended, he heard a smattering of applause and realised people had been watching them. There was no way Richard wouldn’t find out now.

Oh well, Tino thought. It was only a dance. He wound his arms around Erik’s neck as they swayed to a slower tune. All was well until he felt two large hands clamp onto his bottom. He slid them up to his back again.

‘I’ll dance with you but keep away from my ass,’ he said sternly. 

‘As you wish.’ Erik sighed and together they swayed. Erik’s hard body felt too good pressed up against Tino’s, even when he felt the man’s hands gradually slide down to his ass again and subtly lift the hem of his miniskirt. A bruising force pressed into Tino’s stomach. His Phantom was packing, no doubt about that.

Finally, Erik kissed Tino’s hand. ‘I am in need of some air to cool my ardour.  Will you accompany me to the roof? The view is magnifique.

Tino thought fast. He was pretty sure Erik wasn’t interested in looking at the view, judging by that monster in his pants. ‘I’ll meet you up there. I just need to use the restroom.’ He fled away from him and in the privacy of a cubicle, he called Richard. 

‘Don’t tell me you’ve left already.’ Richard sounded exasperated. ‘Roger sent me a photo. It looks as if you were having a great time.’

‘I’m in the john, hiding from a gropy Frenchman called Erik.’ Tino peered round the door, but he was alone. ‘He’s all over me like a rash.’ 

A shout of laughter came from the other end of the line. ‘Gropy?’

‘It’s not funny! He’s had his hands on my ass for the past fifteen minutes.’ He listened for a moment. ‘Where are you?’

‘At the hotel bar.  Tell him who I am. That should kill his enthusiasm.’ 

‘I did. It didn’t work,’ Tino said through gritted teeth. 

‘Then tell him if he doesn’t respect your boundaries, I will fucking kill him.’ Richard was no longer laughing. 

Tino relaxed slightly. ‘Yeah, I’ll do that. I love you.’ 

‘I love you too. Go have fun.’ Richard cut the call in his usual abrupt manner. 


It would have been easy to have another drink at the bar and not to go the roof, but Tino suspected Erik would come down eventually to seek him out, a wounded expression in his eyes. And it was a little mean. Richard obviously didn’t mind, so there was no harm in being friendly.

The view from the top was indeed spectacular, looking over towards the Empire State Building. Erik looked dashing in his cloak and tuxedo, his face in shadow. He seemed to light up when Tino walked over to him, throwing his arms open wide.

‘Tino! I feared I would never see you again.’

‘My husband said if you don’t respect my boundaries, he will fucking kill you,’ Tino said flatly. 

Erik bowed deeply. ‘I apologise for my eagerness. I am aglow with love.’ Hew grasped Tino’s hand. ‘Please let me show you something. It’s special, yes? I promise, no hands.’ He waggled them. 

‘Special? If it’s your dick, I’ve already seen one. My husband’s.’ 

Erik chuckled. ‘Non, non, something much better.’ When Tino hesitated, he clasped his hands together. ‘Please? You are safe with me. I give you my word.’

Tino thought for a moment. ‘Is this a trick or a treat?’

‘A treat for sure! I would not trick you, petit colombe. You are already so precious to me.’

He looked so earnest, Tino decided to humour him. After all, he had to admit he was beginning to have fun with the outrageous Frenchman. He had a sense of humour, something Richard always struggled with. 

‘All right. But any funny business…’

‘And your ferocious husband will kill me.’ Erik shuddered theatrically. ‘Will he shoot me with his pistol?’

A pistol? Was he kidding? ’He’s pretty good with a switchblade.’

‘How delicious!’ He led Tino away, laughing wickedly. 

They went back inside the building and Erik opened another door. Tino froze when he saw the floor far below, coloured lights playing over the party-goers. 

‘Woah, that’s high.’ 

‘I guide you. Come.’ They edged along a narrow galley and Erik stepped up onto a platform, approximately six feet by three. There were high railings three quarters of the way round, which Tino held onto as he followed Erik’s lead and sat down, dangling his legs over the side. The platform wobbled slightly, and he realised it was suspended by steel rope. Vertigo made his stomach flip over. 

Erik looked comfortable, his long legs hanging over the edge. He reached into his jacket and drew out a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Effortlessly he removed the cork with barely a pop and poured some in each glass. 

Tino was getting used to the height, though he held on to the nearest railing with one hand. He looked around him as he took his glass with the other. ‘What a great spot. I love it!’ 

‘It gets better.’ Erik pressed a button and the platform began to move out over the crowd. Tino could see the stage, and the orchestra pit, the length of the bar and the people sitting in the booths. 

‘This is awesome,’ he whispered. 

‘It is. I am glad you are here with me. So sad to be here alone, no?’ Erik’s French accent was enchanting, and Tino felt a wave of sympathy for him.

‘There are plenty of people down there who would love to get to know you,’ he said. ‘I’ve told you I’m married, so why are you still interested in me?’

Erik smiled down at him behind his mask. ‘Because where I come from, marriage is a mere formality. If two people have a connection, why fight it?’ He shrugged elegantly.

Tino tried not to laugh in disbelief. ‘Because someone else will always get hurt. My husband had…’

‘A dalliance?’

‘More of an opportunistic shag. I’ve never known hurt like it. It doesn’t matter what you say, Erik, we can never agree on that one.’ 

Erik was still smiling. ‘So if I kiss you, your husband would not understand? It sounds as if you have a little .. leeway.’ 

Tino looked askance at him. ‘He didn’t put you up to this, did he?’

Non, non! I am merely enchanted by you, ma petit one. Allow me to make passionate love to you.’ Erik kissed his hand, then trailed his lips up Tino’s bare arm. In the near dark, the laughter and music seemed very far away. 

‘Um… Erik, I’m…’ Tino was distracted by the lips pressing against the crook of his elbow. ‘What I mean is…’

‘Papillon de papier, palpitant dans mon coeur. Les ailes dorées de mousseline, le fragile battement; notre premier baiser de hier soir, mon espoir hésitant.’

Erik’s words were ardent, his brown eyes, so different from Richard’s, imploring behind the mask. As he spoke, he moved closer to Tino until their thighs touched and their lips were within kissing distance. 

Richard had never quoted French poetry at him, Tino thought guiltily as Erik brushed his lips against his. 

Tino wasn’t going to respond, but as Erik’s tongue flickered against his own, the taste of champagne was intoxicating. Tino’s lips opened, allowing Erik’s tongue to tease his own. 

He expected another man to feel and taste totally alien, yet Erik seemed strangely familiar, the only change was the stubble grazing his cheek and the champagne on his tongue Tino whimpered both with fear and arousal, the thought of Richard seeing them both terrifying and exhilarating. How mad would he be to find another man moving in on his husband? He had said he wouldn’t mind but what if it was a test?

‘Your lips taste so sweet,’ Erik sighed, as a distant clock began to chime. It was midnight, and Tino had barely noticed the hours pass.

‘Now is time,’ Erik said. ‘Time to reveal ourselves as we truly are. You first, little dove.’

‘Okay.’ Tino removed his elaborate eyepatch, and saw Erik’s eyes light up. 

Vous êtes magnifique,’ he breathed. ‘I must kiss you again.’ 

‘Oh no.’ Tino pressed his fingers to Erik’s eager lips. ‘Mask off first.’

Erik’s smile faded. ‘Ah, Tino, you are the cruellest of men. I fear I’m not so easy on the eye.’ ‘You see, I had an unfortunate accident, many years ago. This mask is part of me.’ 

Tino felt sorry for him. ‘It doesn’t matter to me what you look like, Erik. I’ve had a lovely time with you tonight. Please don’t be embarrassed.’

Erik heaved a sigh. ‘You are an angel, but you don’t understand. I remember this place in its heyday. The music, the lights! The beautiful women with feathers in their hair. I didn’t want to kill them but they gave me no choice, so I had to let the chandelier fall.’

Tino felt a coldness seep into his body. ‘Sorry, what?’

Erik grasped his hand. ‘I had no choice. They wouldn’t listen and didn’t understand my power, or the strength of my love for my one and only angel, Christine!’

Goosepimples raised on Tino’s arms and he gulped as he realised he was fifty feet off the ground on a tiny platform, in the presence of a man who really believed he was the Phantom of the Opera. He swallowed again, suddenly extremely nervous. 

‘I believe you, Erik,’ he said carefully. ‘But I’m not Christine. And this is Manhattan, not Paris.’

Erik looked around him, obviously puzzled. ‘How can this be? I saw you and immediately I knew you were she, brought back to life in a new and exciting form. Come with me, my love. Let us spend eternity together in paradise!’ He moved urgently towards him. 

Tino was terrified he was about to be thrown off the platform. His scream came out as a squeak. 

‘Erik, stop it! Help!’ He clung on to the railings and shouted down to the crowd. ‘Help!’

But they couldn’t hear them. How could they? The music was too loud. No one knew he was there. He hung on for dear life, cursing his stupidity at getting himself in such a perilous situation.

A demonic chuckle made him face Erik again. With a flourish, the man whipped off his mask. 

‘Aaargh!’ Tino hid his face, then did a double-take. 

Richard was grinning at him, barely able to contain his laughter.

‘Hell Tino, you should see your face!’

‘YOU BASTARD!’ Tino walloped him, making him yelp. ‘You sick fucking … god, I hate you!’ He slapped at him with both hands, landing blows on his head and shoulders. The platform rocked but he hardly noticed, he was so mad with him.

Richard grabbed him, gathering him in his arms, his lips stalling Tino’s curses and angry words, the sexy stubble grazing Tino’s chin. He  fought against him but it was no good. He could never resist Richard’s kiss. 

When they came up for air, Richard looked around him. ‘So this is Manhattan? No shit.’

Tino was furious, more at himself than with Richard. How could he not have recognised his own husband? He was never drinking cocktails again! He should have known Richard would pull something like this. He knew how good his husband was at mimicking accents. He had done it before but …

‘Start talking, mister. When did you learn to tango? And to speak French?’ Tino leaned back to look at him properly. ‘And how are you even here? I thought you were in Jo’berg.’

‘I’ll tell you later.’ Richard blinked rapidly. ‘These coloured contact lenses are killing my eyes.’

‘Serves you right,’ Tino said severely. ‘So how long have you been preparing this charade?’

‘You mean masquerade?’ Richard’s cruel lips twitched. ‘Since August, but you’re worth it. You want to go home so we can finish this in private? My ass is sore from sitting on this metal,’ he complained, shifting slightly.

‘Serves you right. You don’t know the meaning of the word, “sore.” Tino reached for the champagne bottle. ‘Let’s stay up here for a while. At least until we’ve finished the champagne.’ 

‘Sounds magnifique.’ Richard moved clover, his black eyes flashing, accentuated with dark liner. Tino’s body reacted at Richard’s dangerous sexual magnetism, making him weak with longing. He accepted his kiss, their tongues dancing in a sensual champagne-flavoured rhythm. They lay down on the platform, cushioned by Richard’s cloak, his long leg draped over Tino’s body. Their kiss deepened, Richard’s sly hand unbuttoning Tino’s shirt and pushing it away from his shoulder before pressing kisses down his throat, across his chest and claiming his nipple. Tino tried to supress a moan as pleasure shot through him, but the gentle suckling was too much. He arched his body into Richard’s letting him feel his excitement through the tiny leather skirt. As Richard continued to suckle him, his hand feathered up his thigh and slipped under the soft leather to squeeze his cock, making him weaken. 

‘I want to fuck you right here,’ Richard mumbled, barely audible over the throbbing music. His cock pressed insistently against Tino’s thigh, hot and eager under his dress pants. 

Tino fondled him, making him throb and gasp. ‘I should make you wait,’ he growled. ‘And we don’t have lube.’

‘Actually…’ Richard reached into an inner jacket pocket and pulled out a small bottle. ‘No excuses now.’ 

Tino looked around him. They were a long way above the crowd, out of sight on a tiny, swaying platform. It was crazy and dangerous, but he didn’t care. Feeling wicked, he squeezed Richard harder, leaning up to kiss him; an aggressive, biting kiss.

‘Get on your back,’ he hissed.

‘If you insist.’ Richard lay back on the platform. Tino stood over him, his feet in the high-heeled pirate boots on either side of his hips. Holding on to the railing with one hand, he unfastened the remaining buttons on his shirt, then let his hand drift down to the hem of the tiny skirt. Richard watched him hungrily as Tino’s fingers idled on the hem, lifting it up, showing off the well-filled white thong. Richard eyed the bulge and licked his lips. His hand went to his own zip but Tino stopped him with one foot, the sharp heel digging into Richard’s balls. 

‘This treat is mine to unwrap.’ He knelt down, straddling Richard’s legs, and carefully eased the zip over the prominent bulge in Richard’s trousers. Richard groaned as his cock sprung free, unencumbered by underwear. 

‘Bad man,’ Tino whispered, pushing the trousers down so he could get at him properly. His cock looked as if it would combust at any moment.

‘Put your mask back on,’ Richard breathed, staring lustfully at him. 

Tino did as he was told, fixing the glittering mask over one eye. ‘Now you.’ He found Richard’s mask and put it on him. He looked devastating and Tino still couldn’t believe he hadn’t recognised his own husband. 

‘Now suck me,’ Richard gritted out. 

‘Rude!’ But Tino dipped his head and treated Richard’s cock to a lavish lick, tickling him with the feathers as he did so. Richard’s eyes rolled back, curses dripping from his lips as Tino eased the swollen head of his cock between his lips and took him all in. He felt rather than heard the moan of pleasure as his lips tightened around the base. He could taste salt and knew his husband wouldn’t last long. 

Another lavish lick, travelling upwards, unfastening Richard’s shirt buttons as he went, revealing the silky dark hair on his broad chest. Richard groaned loudly as Tino sucked hard on one nipple, then the other, their cocks rubbing together with delicious sensations that stoked the fire building in both of them. Richard’s hands shoved rudely up Tino’s skirt and snapped at the elastic of his thong.

‘This has to go.’ 

Tino knew what he was about to do. The blade appeared in his hand, gleaming wickedly in the theatre lights. Tino sat up so that Richard could safely cut the garment away, setting Tino’s aching erection free. 

Richard grabbed Tino’s ass hard as he kissed him again, their tongues forging deep in each other’s mouths. The platform swayed with their movements, adding to their building lust.

‘Get on me,’ Richard whispered when he freed his lips from Tino’s. ‘I need you.’ 

Tino found the lube and applied it to Richard’s cock, wrapping his whole hand around it and pumping it until Richard almost lost control. 

‘Not yet,’ Richard gasped. ‘Put me inside you.’ His face gleamed with beads of sweat under the hot lights, his black hair spiked and wild.

Tino wasn’t fully prepared for him, and it stung slightly as he felt the big blunt head push against his entrance. He bit his lip, whimpering as Richard lifted his hips, pushing further, breaching him and conquering his tight ass, pulsing in triumph as he slid in all the way. 

‘Oh!’ Tino bit his lip, knowing he could drive Richard wild just by doing that alone. An answering throb told him he was right. Carefully, he sat up, wiggling to get comfortable. He felt stuffed but he loved the way his husband filled him. He pulled up the hem of the skirt to reveal his arousal, stroking himself, feeling Richard throb in response. He licked his lips, staring alluringly at him, letting Richard see the lust on his face as he jacked himself. Richard lay back and enjoyed the show, his hands squeezing Tino’s tightly encased thighs in the tall boots. Tino began to move his body, fucking Richard at the same time as pleasuring himself. The platform swayed with his movements, messing with his equilibrium. He held on to a railing with one hand, sinuously moving his body. Richard’s fingers dug into his thighs, cruelly squeezing them as he braced himself and brutally fucked Tino’s ass. 

Tino lost it first, throwing his head back with a harsh cry as he spurted over Richard’s chest and face. Richard followed immediately with a roar, releasing into Tino’s ass with several hard pulses which kept Tino’s pleasure soaring. 

As the ecstasy faded, the platform stopped swaying. They grinned at each other, breathing heavily. Both were sweaty from the hot lights and sticky with the semen gleaming on Richard’s skin. 

‘Fuck, yeah!’ Richard shouted, his eyes sparkling madly. 

Tino laughed, licking a pearly droplet of cum from Richard’s chin. He squeezed gently and Richard’s spent and exhausted cock slipped from him.

Below them, people were applauding and whistling. The platform began lower. 

‘Oh shit!’ Tino’s face flamed. Richard grabbed his cloak and covered them both so they were half decent. They were lowered to the stage, where Roger and the other guests surrounded them. 

‘The party ended an hour ago, hotshots,’ Roger laughed, ‘but thanks for the show. That really was a treat. Oh, and I guess you need this back.’ He handed Tino his white thong, which had fallen down onto the dancefloor. 

In the privacy of their limousine, Tino turned to Richard. ‘There never was a trip to South Africa, was there?’

‘Hmm, no. I was staying with Roger, practicing my French and my tango,’ Richard confessed. He leaned in to kiss him. ‘But I think you can say we’ve celebrated Halloween in style this year.’

‘Just you wait until next year. I’ve got twelve months to plan my revenge on you,’ Tino replied.

‘I can’t wait,’ Richard whispered, before kissing him deeply again. 

Happy Halloween!

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