Grizelda & Boo (a Halloween poem)

Poetry isn’t really my thing, but for some inexplicable reason I wrote this a few years back, and I think it turned out okay. Anyway, enjoy!

Grizelda & Boo

This is the story of Grizelda and Boo

Two naughty cats with nothing to do.

Glossy and black, with eyes like twin moons

Together they sang the most glorious tunes.


Their mistress had gone away for the day

It was raining and cold 

so they thought 

“let’s play.”


A bored cat spells trouble

As everyone knows

From the tips of their tails

To the pads of their toes


Mice should quaver

and fish should look out

when cats with nothing to do

are about.


First the silk curtains,

Elegant and tall.

Grizelda leapt for them,

And slid down the wall.


Boo followed but she was not

Quite as courageous. 

‘Oh help!” She mewed, and

Did something outrageous.


“Uh oh,” she moaned 

As she lost her grip.

The material tore

With an almighty RIIPPPP!


Next the flowers,

What a wonderful smell

but, “Oh dear,” said Grizelda

As the vase teetered and fell.


Then to the kitchen where

Tempting smells abound.

“Ooh yum!” Boo cried,

“chicken pie we have found.”


Lips licking, noses twitching

Both cats had their fill. Then,

“Stop,” said Grizelda,

“We’ll make ourselves ill!”


Up to the bedroom

For a jolly good snooze

But first, “a pillow fight!

These feather pillows, we’ll use.”


And oh, what fun

with feathers galore!

“What a mess!” wailed Grizelda.

“She’ll skin us for sure!”


Just then their Mistress’s

shadow began to loom.

They shivered and cowered

As she stared round the room.


On seeing her cats, 

Her lips began to twitch.

“Don’t worry, my pretties,

‘Tis as well I’m a witch.”


One flick of her wand

And all damage was gone.

Mistress smiled at her kitties 

And said “now we’re done.


I have a new broomstick.

Let’s see how she flies.”

So they all hopped on board,

And took to the skies.


This cautionary tale is

For all those of you

Who have cats as bad

As these naughty two


For unless you’re a witch

with Grizelda and Boo,

Don’t leave them at home

With nothing to do.

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