Did you know…??

If you sign up to my Newsletter, which goes out once a month, you can download my novella, My Boyfriend is a Dog for free via Bookfunnel. I put this on here for Halloween but it would help if I actually TOLD people about it, right? Oh, and your privacy will ALWAYS be respected.


This 30,000 word tail of shifters, dog hair and true romance contains just a hint of naughtiness. 

The path to love is never smooth. Nathan would love a companion to share his life with, but he doesn’t reckon on the arrival of an irritating dog who thinks he’s a wolf.

Angelo has a smart mouth, but he isn’t getting through to Nathan. It is only by showing his true nature he will win the man he wants as his mate.

Published by Deliciously Dark Romance

I write dark romantic suspense and under the name, Lady Jaguar, sizzling MM fiction. One of the original founders of WROTE Podcast, a medium for showcasing queer storytelling in all forms.

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