I’m searching for ARC reviewers!

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well during this continuing situation. I can’t believe it’s over a year since it all kicked off, but here we are… Please stay safe and well.

This might add a small bit of light relief, I hope. I’m offering you the opportunity to read Closer Than Blood Part 1: Obsession, for in exchange for posting an honest review – to be posted by the end of April 2021 – on your preferred bookseller and/or Goodreads. (Book details below.)

It doesn’t have to be long or perfectly written. Just share your thoughts so potential readers can make an informed choice. It improves my visibility as an author too!

If you know you can post a review, please email me on jaynelockwood2@gmail.com, or leave a comment with your email address below, and I’ll give you a Bookfunnel link to claim your book. It’s easy and it’s FREE. Nothing to sign up for. Just two clicks and you can begin reading!

Thank you so much in advance. I’d really appreciate your help.

Jayne x

Genre: M/F hard-boiled romance, series, dark themes, sex and violence

Book 1 of the Closer Than Blood series.

Against his better judgement, slick, pansexual hitman Frank Mancini falls for the sultry sister of his latest client. He is hiding a dark secret, and intends to seduce her before his past is revealed.

Tony Freemantle intends to seek vengeance on the half-brother he blames for his misfortunes. He’s never met him. He doesn’t even know what he looks like. All he knows is that he wants him dead. 

Pagan Freemantle is the innocent woman unwillingly caught up in her sibling’s deadly plan. When she discovers she has to pay for the hit, her attempts to make a deal throws her headlong into a dangerous attraction with a man who is patently bad news. And can she trust Richard Mason, the elusive millionaire half-brother who is just a seductive voice at the end of a telephone? When a road trip to California ends with shocking revelations, it seems she can trust no-one but herself.

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