I’m dropping my star ratings for reviews

Why? Because I hate them, to be honest. I know it looks sharp to put the star rating on your website, but they are a bit of a blunt instrument. Going by the star system on Goodreads, one person’s ‘meh’ rating could be another’s ‘I Liked It’ on Amazon.

So they are going. Confession time: half the time I forget to put them on. Life recently has taught me that it’s okay to keep things simple. No more fannying around trying out the “perfect” colour of the stars. No more agonising whether four or five stars accurately reflects my feelings about a book.

This is an occasion where telling, not showing, is the right thing to do. And I’ll look less like Enthusiastic Barbie who loves EVERYTHING, and more like the sensible, professional reviewer I am attempting to be. If I have to write a critical review, the words will have more meaning if there isn’t a great glaring * star rating which pulls the reader’s attention away.

One final thing. I’d love your opinion on this. Do you find star ratings helpful? Or do you find if you’re interested enough to read the review, that little yellow symbol doesn’t really matter? Please ask any questions! (I don’t bite.)

As ever, thanks for reading, (Feel free to * rate this post…)

Lady J

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