Book Review – Book of 1000 Poems (Vol. 1-4) by Conshinz

Genre: Poetry

Why did I pick this up? Because I kept seeing Conchinz’s work on Instagram, and it resonated because of the incisive wit and truth of his words. He has worked with his struggles with mental illness and laid bare his innermost thoughts, observations and anxieties, with a healthy dash of anger and pain, laced with black humour.

The more one reads, the more you begin to understand how this mind works. The author isn’t afraid to say the things others are thinking, and he does it with staccato bursts of words, some with rap-like rhythmic intensity and others that flow like a stream over rocks.

The author has an instinct for capturing the tiniest issues that bother people every day, and the reader can find themselves nodding in agreement or at least empathising with some sections. He isn’t afraid to write about hard-hitting subjects like abuse, drunk-driving and revenge. There’s a lot of rage in this book, but he is also funny. Hilarious and rude; this isn’t a collection for the faint-hearted. I could use all the adjectives for this collection, but none of them would encapsulate the raw power of his words, so I’ll just add a snippet from the book.

If you call yourself a poet, then write some fucking poetry.

Don’t ask for a handout from a hand that doesn’t even feed.

My page does well because I simply don’t give a fuck

if I make a billion dollars or go out and get hit by a fucking transport truck.

Desperation is loud and it ruins your passion.

Don’t let your presence turn into shitty rhyme fashion

From The So-Called Poet by Conshinz. The Book of 1000 Poems . Austin Macauley Publisher LLC. Kindle Edition.


Conshinz is a poet who is Canadian. He is half Irish, half German/Ukrainian. A father, a husband, a friend, and a foe. His mental illness? It makes him explode.

“The more crazy I seem right now, the less crazy I’ll seem later.”

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