Book Review – Together by Eloreen Moon

Genre: Gay Polyamorous romance, erotica

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Together is fairly short, being 80 pages long, and has a simple construct. Three men have loved each other since high school. Two of them (El and En) get married and then they realise their lives feel incomplete without Victor.

 Victor has loved them both from afar, but has never dared to dream about them all being together in a polyamorous relationship. It takes the intervention of Angela, a former girlfriend, to nudge them all together. 

This was a sweet story, which suffered a little from brevity, and over-description in places when none was needed. The characters were appealing, yet could have been rounded-out to make them more three-dimensional, and the dialogue needed some finessing in places. There were some delightfully awkward situations and conversations, yet in other scenes, it seemed just a little more awkward than delightful. Angela, the best friend, really crossed a line and I didn’t like her at all. Outing someone and going behind their back just isn’t the sign of a supportive friend.
El and En’s marital relationship was convincing, giving the short amount of time given to portray it, and Victor’s love for them was not in doubt. I did get confused at the shortened names, which were so similar. The story would have worked just as well using their full names, Miguel and Enrique, and might have eased any confusion.
I didn’t really learn a great deal about the dynamics of being in a polyam relationship by the end, but they were obviously happy together and at it like rabbits. The double penetration was a bit of a shock (I didn’t even think that was possible, to be honest) and again, felt a little rushed, as if that was the primary motive for them being together. Obviously, sex plays a massive part, but it isn’t the only reason. It would have been good to get know know more about the threesome’s daily lives. Overall, this was a quick, easy, fun read. 


Victor has loved El and En since high school. The problem is, they love each other and only see him as a friend. Victor leaves town, unable to cope with watching them together, but now he’s back—and his heart still feels the same.

El and En have had feelings for Victor for a long time, they just haven’t said anything. After all, a poly relationship isn’t something society looks upon kindly. But that isn’t going to stop them, not now they understand what missing Victor is like. They want their third, no matter what anyone says—they just have to find out whether Victor is up for the challenge.

Together again, individually, the three men know they’re meant to be a trio. The thing is, who will say so first? And will the dynamic work if Victor joins a stable couple? Can Victor fit in and have the relationship he’s dreamed of with the two men who have held his heart in their hands for what feels like forever?

Find out in Together.

Together was previously published in the Beautiful Skin: People of Color Anthology 2018

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