Happy 2020!

Well, I didn’t think it would be so long between posts. My intentions were good, I promise you, but life, and the Holidays got in the way. Between now and last August, I’ve been to New York and New Jersey, visiting old friends I made when I lived there back in the early 1990’s. It was as if we had never left, and not a lot had change in Califon, the beautiful town in the New Jersey hills of Hunterdon County. 

New York, however, had changed dramatically. September 11th had altered the skyline of the city forever, and apart from a very brief visit in 2002, when the scars were still so very raw, I hadn’t been back to visit. 

The Memorial Park is stunning, a beautiful place of calm amidst the throng of the financial district. It really has been very respectfully done, and I was pleased that people weren’t just posing with selfie sticks and eating fast food around the fountains. There was an air of reverence about the place, of peace, and I’m glad I went. 

I decided not to visit the museum. There was a queue of people and I realised I just didn’t need to immerse myself in the horror of what had happened. It felt too real. It was an ideal opportunity to go, and I’d always said I would, but given the chance, it didn’t seem right. It was enough to sit in the park on a stunning Fall morning, and remember and hope it never happens again. 

At home, writing continued to play a massive part of my day. It dawned on me that I had finished the equivalent of three full-length novels by then, all on Wattpad and AO3. One of them in particular, Going Down, had proved so popular, it ended up at the top of the #LGBTfiction category on Wattpad, a massive achievement as at the beginning of the year, I despaired of actually writing anything at all!

Anyway, now I’ve come to the point of this post – finally. Which is to say, Going Down is now out on Amazon! If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can pick it up for free!

It’s a complete punt, as the style is very different to anything I’ve done before. The serial construct of the story was created in Wattpad, and proved popular so I haven’t fiddled with it, just cleaned it up and unleashed it on the unsuspecting public. I will do a proper post about it next time, but I just wanted you to know it’s out, it’s here, and it’s available via the links below. 

See you next time. 

J x

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Tino Santini is offered the role of personal assistant to his wealthy CEO, after being trapped with him in an elevator just before Thanksgiving. It seems a night of scorching sex can do wonders for a flagging career.
Now his new boss wants more of Tino’s talented mouth as well as his organisational skills. Neither of them expect their professional relationship and private arrangement to be anything other than business, until a personal tragedy means that Richard needs Tino more than ever.
Wealthy pansexual businessman, Richard Mason, seems to have it all, but a former female lover, a New York gangster and a murky past all threaten to destroy his chance of happiness.
Tino is the sensible employee who gets stuck with Richard in the elevator, but a bottle of cognac, some donuts and an indecent proposal send him on a hedonistic journey of sex, murder and possibly love.
This was originally a standalone short story on Wattpad – basically an excuse for two guys to have hot sex in an elevator, but due to reader demand, I’ve extended it to a full-length erotic fiction novel. This edition has bonus content not found on the Wattpad version.

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