Dear Holby City writers, I think you got it wrong this time

This post is for Holby City fans, so if you’re not one, look away now. 

People who know me also know I have a bit of a thing for Guy Henry (Henrik Hanssen,) so I’ve been watching the budding friendship between him and Roxanna (Hermione Gulliford) with some interest. 

First off, I think the writers of the programme are absolutely brilliant. There are some storylines I enjoy more than others, and some characters I like more than others, but it is always compelling, and I’d love to know what it takes to keep a series like this going for so long, and have it provoke such discussion.The BBC link is HERE if you want to check out what’s happening. 

But I have a niggle (not a beef, because as a writer I know how hard it can be to please everyone,) but a niggle that bugs me enough to mention it. Okay, two niggles….

In last week’s episode it was Roxanna’s birthday, and Henrik wanted to surprise her with an exquisitely wrapped present, containing something that I’m sure the writers wanted us to believe was a ring. I knew it wouldn’t be because even in Holbyland, that’s a bit sudden, and Henrik isn’t the type to suddenly declare undying love to recently widowed women.

Instead, he made some seemingly irrelevant remark about remembering her with pink hair and Doc Martins, which told us that a) they had known each other a long time and b) he had remembered those tiny details about her, suggesting she was never far from his thoughts.

So what was in the box?

There was a beautiful moment when he took the gift out of his pocket, all ready to give to her, when she mentioned she didn’t feel like celebrating. His comic timing in doing a 360 and putting the box away was perfect. The only thing is, wasn’t she was standing in front of a mirror? If so, so she would have seen him do it, wouldn’t she?

That’s niggle no. 1. A tiny detail, but ….

Niggle no. 2 came when he finally did pluck up the courage to give her his gift, holding it like a shy 10 year old in the throes of a schoolboy crush on his teacher. When she opened it, to reveal a brooch of a red boot (symbolic of the DM’s she used to wear)  this strong, level-headed neurosurgeon burst into tears and ran away. This seemed out of character, but I thought, okay, she’s recently widowed, emotions are still raw, I get it. 

Then came the explanation. She had a similar brooch given to her by her mother, apparently.

This was when my writer brain went NO, NO, NO!!


Now, I don’t have a crystal ball, so I don’t know what the writers have in store for us, so this is all subjective, BUT, unless Roxanna’s mother plays some significant role in the future, SURELY the brooch should have been from HER DEAD HUSBAND. This would have given Henrik a very sharp reminder of her recently-widowed status, and would have accounted much more for the tears and running away. 

Sorry, I just don’t understand why they chose for the brooch to be from her mother, when David would have been the obvious person to give her something as symbolic as that. 

Now I have this off my chest, I feel much better. Like I said at the start, it’s a Holby Thing. I’d be interested to know if anyone else felt the same. We can discuss it here, as long as everyone remains polite and respectful of others’ opinions. (I have to say that, because asshats are everywhere….)

As for Henrik and Roxanna, well, this is Holbyland, so time moves at a different pace. I believe he’s been in love with Roxanna since they were at med school, and now they are working together he cannot help the feelings getting stronger. On the other hand, I believe she sees him as a good friend, and all the smiles and kisses and compliments are because she wants to be supportive during his mental challenges, not because she has romantic feelings for him. I fear he may end up alone again, but he will be resigned to it. 

However, whilst we’re on the subject, I have an idea. Henrik obviously isn’t having a lot of success with women, so it seems natural for him to cast his net a little wider. 

And of course, there a wedding coming up, with Dom and Lofty tying the knot. Presuming no-one dies, and Henrik is chosen to give Dom away (because let’s face it, he’s been like a surrogate father to him for years,) I have in mind the best opening EVER for a Holby episode. 

The morning after.

A hotel room. Henrik looking in the mirror, straightening his tie, a small smile playing across his lips. 

The shot pans out to reveal a wide, crumpled bed, with a figure under the sheets, asleep. No clue as to the identity or gender of the person. 

Cut to Henrik pouring a cup of Lapsang Souchong, standing on the balcony looking out over the hotel grounds, the marquee and floral arch still standing. His sigh is one of contentment, rather than longing. 

A figure appears in the doorway, wearing a pair of black boxers. Silver hair, nicely muscled, maybe a tattoo or two. He leans against the door jamb, louche and elegant. (I’ll call him Hugo, but other names are available.)

Hugo:     You want to do this again sometime?

Henrik:    (after a long pause, takes a sip of tea) Yes, I believe I do.

Or if that’s too much for you, then swap “Hugo” for Jac Naylor, presuming she survives. Although with Dr. Death hovering over her like a lugubrious vampire bat, that seems as likely as her copping off with Hanssen at a wedding. 

But her brand of fiery cougaryness maybe just what Hanssen needs. After all, he hasn’t had any libidinous fun since 2010.

Poor sod….

Anyway, apart from this small thing, I think the writers, researchers, actors and everyone else involved, do a brilliant job. I love watching Holby each week, so thank you!

As for my particular take on things, I guess it’s time to write some more fanfic….

Jayne x

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