Book Review: Dancing With Calamity by Sorcha Rowan

Dancing with Calamity is a short, sexy story featuring Calamity Jane and an exotic dancer whom she has to procure for a brothel, in order to pay for her prosthetic limb.

This is an unusual cowgirl tale, and you can almost smell the horses and hear the creak of boot leather. The language feels authentic (I’m English but it felt natural to me…) and the scenes were sexy hot without feeling gratuitous, and I loved the character development of Calamity. Very quickly, I felt I knew her, which is no mean feat in a short story.
I have to admit I was sceptical at first. This is my first experience of an F/F erotic short and I was kind of expecting a show for the guys. Instead this is well-written, with lots of Wild West atmosphere, an appealing, sexy character in Calamity and an unusual love interest. Each character has scars which they have learned to use to their advantage, and the story goes deeper than just, they meet, have sex, end up together. I was left asking, how did Calamity end up that way? What was her struggle? In short, I was invested in her as a character, and that’s unusual in a short erotica story. 
I’d definitely be tempted to read more by this author.

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