Update on Euphoria

Okay, so I know I said Euphoria would be published early in 2018, and the manuscript IS completed, but late last year I did a Thing, and to cut a long story short, Euphoria is being considered for publication by a publisher. (I’m keeping everything crossed!) 

It will be a while whether I know what is happening next, so in the meantime, I’ll just keep posting little snippets and AS SOON AS I’M ABLE TO SAY, I’ll let you know what is happening!

Here’s a snippet, where Kurt and Vardam get cosy.
As he took the book from Vardam’s outstretched hand, he was struck by the Var’s height. He told himself to calm down. The rapid beating of his heart wasn’t necessary. Vardam wasn’t going to hurt him.

That isn’t what you’re afraid of, a silky voice whispered in his mind.

 He took the book and sat on the bed, feeling ill-at-ease. He was very aware of Vardam’s fresh grassy scent, the warmth and serenity radiating from their body. He had felt a spike of something similar recently, watching Vardam and Tom talking together. It felt almost like…


The book fell open on the first chapter. It felt fragile in his hands, the spine wrinkled where it had been broken in the past. The pages were soft and much handled, as if someone had loved the book very much indeed. He experienced another new sensation. This book was precious, much loved in the past, it deserved respect.

Christ, what was wrong with him?

Vardam sat next to him, so close he could feel the warmth of their thigh. He edged away, but Vardam seemed to have no idea about personal boundaries, shifting close again. They tapped the book and then their shapely lips, watching Kurt intently.

He cleared his throat. ““Last night, I went to Manderley again…””

As he continued, he moved to the side of the bed where the wall was so he could rest back against it. Vardam followed. The Var looked entranced, but whether that was by Kurt or the words he was saying, it was impossible to tell.

By the fourth chapter, Vardam’s head was resting on Kurt’s shoulder. After a few moments, he realised the alien had fallen asleep. Kurt lay them down as best he could and covered them with the duvet, putting the book on the bedside cabinet.
He was so tired. The pillow looked inviting, so he lay down alongside the Var’s long body, being careful not to touch them, and closed his eyes. Five minutes, he thought. Just five minutes….

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