Download books for FREE until Midnight 10/11/16

Okay, I think a lot of us are reeling from the election result. I have just heard that KU reads have spiked as people want some escapism away from all the post-election hysteria.

And that gave me an idea. So until Midnight Tonight (12pm Pacific time, Thursday 10th November) I have made ALL the following ebooks FREE on Smashwords. If you want to leave a review, that’s great, but this is really my way of saying, I get it, it’s rough, so here’s a bit of escapism for you. It makes me feel a little less useless in an uncertain world. 

Please note: All the books contain adult themes.

Love to you all, wherever you are on the planet. Click on the book titles below to get to the relevant link.

The Cloud Seeker  (125,000 words romantic suspense, ghosts, Chilterns setting)

Cat Cartwright’s sixth sense tells her there are storms brewing in her peaceful English village. A stranger is in town, one that she does not trust despite her attraction to him. He is also the estranged father of Luca, the young boy she looks after for one of her closest friends and his spiteful wife. As the handsome, irritable New Yorker is gradually accepted into the community, Cat has no choice but to watch the strengthening bond between father and son, knowing that Max O’Donnell is not all he seems. 

Meanwhile, Max is being harassed by a persistent ghost, imploring him to face the lie he has been living since September 11th. When the spirit infiltrates Cat and Luca’s dreams as well, it is only a matter of time before Max’s carefully reconstructed persona is destroyed. He has to choose between drowning his problem in drink, as he has so often before, or face the truth and risk losing everyone he cares for.

And Cat has to learn how to accept her losses and past mistakes in order to move on with her life. Finding love was not part of the plan. 

Closer Than Blood (150,000 words, suspense, romance, adult themes)
Forbidden passion, blackmail and murderous intent in the cold, glittering heart of Manhattan. 

Against his better judgement, slick hitman Frank Mancini falls for the sultry sister of his latest client. He is hiding a dark secret, and intends to seduce her before his past is revealed. 

Tony Freemantle is diseased, dying and desperate. His last wish is to seek vengeance on the half-brother he blames for his misfortunes. He’s never met him. He doesn’t even know what he looks like. All he knows is that he wants him dead. 

Pagan Freemantle is the innocent woman unwillingly caught up in her sibling’s deadly plan.When she discovers she has to pay for the hit, her attempts to make a deal throws her headlong into a dangerous attraction with a man who is patently bad news. 

And can she trust Richard Mason, the elusive millionaire half-brother who is just a seductive voice at the end of a telephone? When a road trip to California ends with shocking revelations, it seems she can trust no-one but herself.

Lexington Black (50,000 words, MM erotica, romance, explicit)
A one night stand between Rob, a reserved English bookkeeper, and Lex, a slick New York businessman, blossoms into love after Lex invites Rob to Manhattan for a month to work on his novel. 

Rob is thrown into an unfamiliar world, of drag queens and luxurious rooftop parties. Manhattan gradually beguiles him, but Lex has a secret, a passionate encounter he had years earlier with Rob’s father, just a few days before he committed suicide. 

Will their newfound love survive when Rob inevitably finds out? 

Docklands Diamond (40,000 words, MM erotica, romance, explicit)

Warning: This is a 58,000 word story containing graphic sexual scenes between two consenting male adults. Please do not read this book if you find such content objectionable.

On the morning after his 35th birthday, Alex Logan is left with two unwanted gifts; the hazy memory of a sensual encounter with a handsome Scottish stockbroker, and a new, opinionated, best friend.

Docklands Diamond is the story of one man, one talking dick and one very sexed-up City executive who will stop at nothing to get Alex into bed. He has a sultry sister, Willow, an amateur witch whose love potion has left Alex in this sticky situation. The problem is, Alex is straight, or wants to be, so it is up to Broadsword, his new best pal, to persuade him that Leith is Mr. Right…. 

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